$180,000 Rolex iPhone Case Is Probably More Fragile Than the Phone Inside

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Four copies of nan Caviar Daytona smartphone lawsuit featuring a Rolex watch embedded connected nan back.

Looking for a measurement to show nan world “I person much money than I cognize what to do with” that doesn’t impact buying and tanking a celebrated societal media network? Caviar, a marque known for putting luxury earlier taste, has wrapped an iPhone 14 Pro Max successful a lawsuit pinch 24K golden plating and encrusted it pinch a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch. Congratulations, you’ve ruined 2 luxury devices.

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If you’re not acquainted pinch Caviar, you astir apt don’t unrecorded successful a location that looks for illustration 3 McMansions hastily stapled together. It’s a Russian institution that sells upgraded versions of smartphones and smartwatches pinch an artistic that tin beryllium champion described as, ‘bedazzling pinch a large budget.’ The last clip we checked successful pinch nan company, it was hawking a $4,500 “iPhone X Tesla,” which was an iPhone upgraded pinch a lawsuit featuring a built-in star sheet that could thief widen nan device’s artillery life.

Simply called nan Daytona, Caviar’s latest creation isn’t rather arsenic applicable arsenic an iPhone pinch a star sheet attached. It’s an iPhone 14 Pro Max wrapped successful a lawsuit made from titanium pinch a achromatic PVD coating, 24K golden plating, and adorned pinch ornamental dials connected nan backmost replicating a speedometer, oil, and substance indicator. But nan portion de guidance is simply a self-winding, 40mm, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Oyster watch vanished successful yellowish golden pinch a achromatic dial.

On its own, nan watch already sells for tens of thousands of dollars, but Caviar sells it bundled pinch nan civilization lawsuit and nan iPhone 14 Pro Max it’s attached to (from what we tin tell, nan watch can’t beryllium removed if you want to deterioration it separately). Only 3 of these will beryllium made, and you get to take which capacity of iPhone you’d prefer. They start astatine $182,580 for nan 128GB model, but if you’re spending this overmuch money, you mightiness arsenic good opt for nan 1TB retention option, which bumps nan value to $183,750.

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