Marcus Stroman, Chicago Cubs (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Marcus Stroman, Chicago Cubs (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

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Marcus Stroman, Chicago Cubs

Marcus Stroman, Chicago Cubs (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Will nan Chicago Cubs beryllium buyers aliases sellers? That overmuch isn’t truthful clear, arsenic Jed Hoyer suggested nan squad isn’t a position to waste and acquisition distant young assets.

While nan Cubs won connected Wednesday night, they stay 4 games nether nan .500 mark. Should they not dramatically amended earlier nan deadline, it’ll beryllium reliable to warrant being buyers to nan beforehand office.

Yes, nan NL Central is 1 of nan worst divisions successful baseball. David Ross admitted arsenic overmuch conscionable a fewer short days ago:

“Thank goodness for nan s—-y play of everybody successful nan division,” Ross said.

That’s each good and good, but erstwhile Jed Hoyer and Carter Hawkins determine upon their waste and acquisition deadline plans, longevity will beryllium key. Making nan postseason successful a bad section and each but ensuring a first-round exit isn’t a bully business strategy, particularly erstwhile it involves trading apical prospects away.

“It’s a existent facet successful each season, right? Whether you’re looking for reinforcements, whether it’s a twelvemonth wherever you’re selling, each squad has it. You want to enactment pinch condemnation erstwhile you get location — either direction. Like I’ve said each along, I want thing much than to beryllium connected nan (buy) broadside of nan transaction,” Hoyer said, per The Athletic.

The replacement to buying is to waste and acquisition disconnected assets connected an expiring contract, and refurbishing nan workplace strategy successful return. But is that feasible successful Chicago?

Cubs who won’t past nan waste and acquisition deadline: Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman has a subordinate action aft this season, and if he continues to transportation astatine this rate, he’ll workout that and go a free agent. Stroman is arguably having nan champion twelvemonth of his career, aliases astatine nan very slightest making love backmost to his rookie run successful Toronto. Signed to a three-year, $71 cardinal woody currently, he tin assuredly person much money connected nan free-agent marketplace this winter.

FanSided’s Kevin Henry made nan statement that Stroman could beryllium a bully fresh connected respective contenders, specifically nan Rays, Blue Jays aliases moreover Arizona Diamondbacks. Arizona, pinch 1 of nan amended workplace systems successful nan majors, could beryllium an charismatic waste and acquisition destination from nan Cubs position arsenic well:

“Somewhat astonishing contenders though galore of america saw this coming, nan Diamondbacks are 1 of nan fewer teams successful shot correct now pinch a hopeless request for a starting pitcher. It doesn’t moreover person to beryllium of Stroman’s caliber. Beyond Zac Gallen and Merrill Kelly, location isn’t overmuch successful nan rotation. Stroman is nan benignant of portion they should look to get arsenic agelong arsenic nan Cubs play reasonably and admit he mightiness beryllium conscionable a rental.”

Trading Stroman does travel pinch immoderate consequence successful Chicago. First, nan rotation is acold from a spot arsenic is, contempt nan play of Justin Steele. If they waste and acquisition a subordinate for illustration Stroman, nan Cubs amended person a backup scheme this winter.

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