3 reasons that the Boston Celtics won Game 4 over the Miami Heat

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(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics were capable to support this bid live by winning Game 4 against nan Miami Heat, 116-99.

The Heat struggled successful nan 2nd half of this crippled which allowed nan bid to continue. Jayson Tatum rebounded pinch a beardown shooting nighttime from nan level successful a matchup wherever he has struggled.

Coming into nan 2nd half of this game, Miami led 56-50. After that point, Boston outplayed nan Heat and avoided nan sweep. Kyle Lowry and Gabe Vincent some played done their injuries, which could person an effect connected Miami’s extent nan longer this bid goes.

Heat vs Celtics: 3 reasons Boston won

Jayson Tatum

For nan first clip successful this series, Jayson Tatum yet showed up. He struggled a spot successful nan first half but flourished successful nan 2nd half, scoring 20+ points successful nan last 2 quarters. The champion measurement to picture Tatum successful this crippled is that he was capable to return to his All-NBA form.

Tatum vanished nan title pinch 34 points connected 63 percent shooting from nan floor. Also, he had 11 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 blocks successful this game. If nan Celtics are capable to get a capacity from Tatum for illustration this successful Game 5, a travel backmost to Miami whitethorn beryllium successful order.

Grant Williams

It was temping to put Jaylen Brown successful this spot but his mediocre three-point shooting made nan determination easy. Grant Williams scored 14 points connected 57 percent shooting from nan floor. He made 4 threes successful nan game. Williams has been successful and retired of nan rotation for awhile. The domiciled subordinate had his champion crippled successful rather immoderate time, and rebounded nicely aft being embarrassed by Jimmy Butler successful Game 3.

The Celtics needed productive minutes and positive shooting from their domiciled players successful this crippled and Williams was capable to supply that. Williams provided spacing that nan Celtics desperately needed down nan stretch.

Rough violative 4th fourth for nan Heat 

Midway done nan 4th quarter, Miami had ONLY 4 points successful nan frame. Miami had acold excessively galore turnovers successful nan 4th fourth of this game, which yet led to their downfall.

The Heat person mislaid quarters successful this bid but person still been capable to recover. In this game, they couldn’t respond and it led to their demise.

The Boston Celtics stayed alive. If Boston is capable to triumph Game 5 astatine home, past things get really absorbing heading backmost to Miami for Game 6.

Don’t move up nan Heat connected Miami conscionable yet.

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