3 reasons the Lakers suffered sweep with Game 4 loss to the Nuggets

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The Lakers mislaid Game 4 against nan Nuggets because Denver was capable to travel backmost successful nan 3rd 4th aft nan LA struggled connected nan violative end.

The Lakers dropped Game 4, 113-111, to nan Denver Nuggets to nonstop them location for nan summer.

LeBron James played each 48 minutes and, contempt missing 2 precocious crippled shots to necktie nan game, nan King ended up pinch 40 points connected 60 percent shooting from nan floor. While he had thief successful this bid from different players, he was lacking violative support from nan remainder of his teammates.

The Lakers created a lead successful nan first half but were horrid connected nan violative extremity aft halftime. The Nuggets caught up to LA successful nan 3rd quarter, making nan 4th heavy interesting.

Los Angeles struggled to incorporate nan Nuggets three-point scope successful nan 4th fourth which made a comeback unlikely. Still, nan Lakers were capable to support this close.

They had 2 chances to triumph nan crippled late. James missed a fadeaway changeable followed by a missed contested layup connected nan adjacent violative possession.

3 reasons nan Lakers mislaid Game 4 to nan Nuggets

Poor violative squad capacity for LA successful 3rd quarter

LA was incapable to get thing going successful nan 3rd 4th of this crippled connected nan violative end. They did not make a azygous changeable from 3 successful nan 3rd 4th and only 1 made changeable astatine nan rim.

This is wherever Anthony Davis’ deficiency of effect really came retired and mislaid nan crippled for nan Lakers.

The Lakers were caught successful a dogfight successful nan 4th fourth owed to nan truth that they couldn’t people thing successful nan 3rd quarter. Denver outscored LA by 20 points.

The shot did not spell into James’ hands capable during nan 3rd quarte.

Anthony Davis’ horrible performance

Davis ended up getting bailed retired from free throws but his shooting stats show really mediocre of a crippled that he had.

The All-NBA subordinate changeable a horrible 40 percent from nan floor. He was a small amended successful nan 4th fourth but he really did not nutrient connected nan violative end.

Late successful nan game, he fouled Jamal Murray for 3 shots owed to a precocious move defending a pick-and-roll. The crippled was tied astatine that constituent and this foul allowed nan Nuggets to return a three-point lead.

Davis had a really up-and-down postseason that ended up pinch 2 horrible performances successful nan bid which was 1 of nan main reasons nan Lakers are being sent home.

Inability to incorporate Nikola Jokic

In this game, it seemed for illustration Jokic was capable to do immoderate he wanted. Davis couldn’t do overmuch too blocking a Jokic changeable successful nan 4th quarter. Rui Hachimura struggled besides while defending Jokic. This full series, Jokic was capable to get immoderate he wanted.

Yes, Jokic was destined to get his, but nan Lakers had nary measurement of containing nan two-time MVP successful this series.

Jokic vanished pinch 30 points, 14 rebounds, and 13 assists. He ended up being nan bid MVP arsenic he heads to his first NBA Finals. The Nuggets’ adjacent crippled is successful 9 days and Jokic will beryllium 4 wins distant from his first title.

The Lakers are heading location aft a 4-0 expanse that nary 1 really expected. Yes, Denver winning this bid was astir a 50-50 possibility. Still, nan truth that this bid went only 4 games is  rather shocking. LA will request to look into replacing D’Angelo Russell pinch a much offensively accordant defender successful nan playoffs and will perceive Anthony Davis waste and acquisition rumors for nan entirety of nan offseason.

The Nuggets will beryllium heading to nan Finals for nan first clip successful squad history. This is an astonishing infinitesimal for nan franchise and will let them to perchance triumph their first title arsenic a home-grown squad pinch their halfway 3 pieces coming from their ain draught picks.

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