3 Treatments To Reverse The Look Of Dark Spots On Hands

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Alexandra Engler
Alexandra Engler

mbg Beauty Director

By Alexandra Engler

mbg Beauty Director

Alexandra Engler is nan beauty head astatine mindbodygreen and big of nan beauty podcast Clean Beauty School. Previously, she's held beauty roles astatine Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, SELF, and Cosmopolitan; her byline has appeared successful Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and Allure.com.


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May 22, 2023

Dark spots are nan consequence of inflammation successful nan tegument triggering melanocytes to nutrient much pigment. This tin beryllium nan consequence of beingness harm (as successful nan lawsuit of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), wide inflammation, and astir notably, sun exposure. Sun vulnerability is really nan No. 1 origin of premature aging successful nan skin, accounting for up to 80% of visible signs of aging1

Considering nan hands are immoderate of nan astir exposed and unprotected areas of nan body, it's nary wonderment they're truthful susceptible to sun spots. While 1 of nan champion things you tin do to amended your wide complexion is to deterioration sunscreen (it's ne'er excessively precocious to start!), you whitethorn beryllium already seeing nan residual effects of past sun damage. 


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So, what tin you do to slice already existing acheronian spots? Well, you person options, from regular habits to master treatments. Here, what to know. 

Antioxidant-rich manus cream

If you haven't already, put successful a high-quality manus cream. The hands woody pinch a lot, including predominant washing, vulnerability to UV radiation and pollution, and conscionable wide deterioration and tear. All of this makes nan hands property faster than nan remainder of your body, truthful you'll apt acquisition concerns for illustration dryness, crepiness, good lines, thinning of nan skin, and sun spots. 

A hydrating, antioxidant-rich moisturizer will thief alleviate immoderate of these issues and protect it from further damage. 

Antioxidants successful peculiar are important for acheronian spots, arsenic they tin thief amended brightness, moreover tone, and slice pigmentation. Look for nan pursuing ingredients, which person been shown to thief amended nan quality of acheronian spots and moreover tone:


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mindbodygreen's postbiotic manus cream uses a blend of integrated aloe vera, shea butter, cold-pressed moringa seed oil, oat oil, a trio of consequence extracts, coenzyme Q10, and more, to supply nan tegument antioxidant protection. 

Retinol astatine night

Retinol is 1 of nan astir effective and well-studied patient aging ingredients available. The constituent helps slice acheronian spots arsenic it really increases compartment turnover successful nan skin. By spreading up nan tegument compartment life cycle, younger, much vibrant tegument cells underneath are revealed—cells undamaged by UV radiation.

Retinol assemblage products person go rather celebrated and tin beryllium utilized arsenic fantabulous nighttime treatments for nan hands. When utilizing it connected nan hands, conscionable beryllium judge to salary adjacent attraction to really your tegument is tolerating nan ingredient, arsenic retinol tin travel pinch immoderate challenges. Most notably, nan constituent tin beryllium irritating for delicate skin. 

Only usage a mini magnitude a fewer nights a week. You tin further buffer nan progressive by pairing it pinch a gentle pick (like nan hand creams mentioned here), which will thief alleviate immoderate drying effect. 

Here are immoderate of our favourite retinol serums and creams—plus, how to usage them. 


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In-office treatments 

If at-home treatments and topicals are awesome day-to-day options to amended nan wide quality of nan skin—as good arsenic nan semipermanent health. But, for much melodramatic results, master involution mightiness beryllium needed.

We thin to deliberation of visiting nan dermatologist aliases aesthetician for facial concerns, but location are tons of things that tin beryllium done to thief slice acheronian spots connected your hands. 

  • Chemical peels
  • IPL lasers 
  • Microdermabrasion

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Next clip you person a facial aliases derm appointment, inquire them what tin beryllium done to thief nan area. 

The takeaway

Dark spots connected nan hands are a shockingly communal interest for folks—or possibly it shouldn't beryllium each that surprising, considering really galore outer stressors nan hands are exposed to. If you haven't already, we really promote you to usage sunscreen connected nan area daily. And arsenic for reversing acheronian spots, opt for an antioxidant-rich manus cream, retinol, aliases moreover in-office options. 

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