6 Incendiary Live Tina Turner Performances

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Billboard compiles immoderate of Turner's apical televised performances.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner photographed successful Los Angeles, California successful 1977. Harry Langdon/Getty Images

The euphony world mislaid 1 of nan all-time awesome stone stars erstwhile Tina Turner passed Wednesday (May 24), astatine nan age of 83.

The one-time Ike & Tina Turner vocalist possessed nan style, nan songs and sass, her mid-‘80s solo comeback is nan worldly of legend, and her longevity helped to redraw nan lines for showbiz.

It was connected nan stage, however, wherever Turner was TNT. When nan “Nutbush City Limits” prima strutted her stuff, it was ever axenic heat. Explosive.



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Below, Billboard compiles immoderate of Turner’s apical televised performances.

Turner had to hold for induction into nan Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but she made a terrific lawsuit for elevation during nan 1989 ceremony. That year, Turner inducted Phil Spector and performed pinch a starring formed that included Bruce Springsteen, Little Richard, John Oates and more. Her closing capacity of “River Deep – Mountain High,” her 1966 Spector-produced classic, was a sizzling highlight. In 1991, Spector inducted Ike & Tina Turner connected their behalf, and successful 2021, Tina was inducted arsenic a solo creator by Angela Bassett, who had portrayed nan vocalist successful 1993’s docudrama What’s Love Got To Do With It.

For those who intimately followed Tina Turner journey, her solo comeback successful 1984 represented truthful overmuch much than a philharmonic revival. Turner would later speak openly astir really she had erstwhile attempted termination by taking 50 sleeping pills to her flight abusive matrimony pinch Ike Turner. Her 1970 reworking of “Proud Mary,” written by John Fogerty, frontman of Creedence Clearwater Revival, helped her heal. Turner, nan survivor, would execute nan opus connected Italian TV successful 1971. Sit backmost and soak it up.

Two afloat years earlier Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and nan remainder of nan Dream Team swept to golden astatine nan 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Tina Turner was winning hearts successful nan Catalonian capitol. Turner performed an epic performance astatine nan Barcelona Olympic Stadium successful 1990, which was captured for a TV typical and included this trim of “Better Be Good to Me,” from 1984’s Private Dancer.

With 1984’s Band Aid project, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure wanted to “Feed The World.” With their trans-Atlantic Live Aid performance successful 1985, Geldof and Ure changed nan world. On Saturday, July 13, 1985, a afloat location astatine London’s Wembley Stadium caught immoderate of nan biggest acts connected nan planet, from Paul McCartney, to Elton John, U2, The Who, David Bowie and Queen. Then, Philadelphia’s John F. Kennedy Stadium came online, pinch a lineup that included Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Madonna, Duran Duran, and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. As he completed his set, Jagger welcomed Tina Turner connected shape for performances of “State of Shock” and “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It),” 1 of nan last philharmonic moments successful an historical time for unrecorded music.

“Nutbush City Limits” is simply a opus that passes nan trial of time. Once a portion of creation crosses that threshold, it’s virtually unimpeachable (the publication of nan arguable Ike Turner will ever adhd an asterisk to nan duo’s works). “Nutbush” captures a sound and a clip that can’t beryllium repeated. It rocks but you tin creation to it, and nan synth solo is simply a infinitesimal of wizardy. None of it matters without nan injection of occurrence that Tina Turner brings. Don’t judge it? The impervious is there, captured for eternity connected a 1973 section of Der Musikladen (The Music Shop), a West German euphony TV programme that ran from 1972 to 1984. Turner is axenic dynamite.

Tina Turner’s sanction is etched into nan hearts and minds of each Australians who grew up successful nan ‘80s aliases ‘90s, acknowledgment to her years-long relation pinch nan nationalist rugby convention competition. Turner appeared successful promotional videos arsenic nan athletics expanded into nan NRL, now 1 of nan astir celebrated master sports successful these parts. Her opus “The Best” soundtracked immoderate of those memorable campaigns, and is coming recognized arsenic nan unofficial opus of Australian rugby league. There’s nary statement astir Turner’s spot successful Australian sport: she’s nan Queen of Rugby League. During nan 1993 NRL expansive final, Turner performed “The Best” for a afloat location astatine nan Sydney Football Stadium. Watch nan clip beneath and perceive for nan roars of support from shot fans.

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