A Crack in the Mountain review: Stunning cave shows tourism's paradox

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A poignant documentary tells nan paradoxical communicative of a vast, distant cave successful Vietnam that looks apt to move into a awesome tourer attraction

By Simon Ings

Hang Son Doong A Crack In The Mountain - PRINCIPLE FILM STILL.

The otherworldly quality of Hang Son Doong

Ryan Deboodt

A Crack successful nan Mountain

Alastair Evans

Selected UK venues from 26 May; US to be announced

“EVERYONE connected a bicycle wants to beryllium connected a motorbike. Everyone connected a motorbike wants to beryllium successful a car. And everyone successful a car wants to beryllium successful a helicopter,” says entrepreneur David English, a wry grin creeping crossed his face. “So disconnected we spell to nan future.”

Ten years ago, Phong Nha successful Quang Binh state was 1 of nan poorest regions successful Vietnam. English …

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