Achy Back? Our Testers Say This Mattress Offers Immediate Pressure Relief

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Kelsea Samson

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May 27, 2023

Kelsea Samson

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Kelsea Samson

Kelsea Samson is simply a writer, contented manager, certified yoga coach and laminitis of The Mindfulness Program for Kids and Yoga for nan Blind successful Tampa, Florida.

Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS

Medical reappraisal by

Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS

Board-certified Family Physician

Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS is simply a family expert and HIV master successful California. He takes a holistic attack to healthcare, incorporating principles of functional medicine and utilizing nutrient arsenic medicine erstwhile moving pinch patients.

Winkbed ecocloud review

May 27, 2023

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While mattresses don't ever make it onto nan lists of non-toxic must-haves, they really should. If your mattress isn’t a comfortable sanctuary of spinal support, you’ll apt commencement to announcement under-eye shadows, breakouts, and a sallow tegument reside arsenic a deficiency of beauty remainder (which is very overmuch a real thing). Sleeping connected immoderate aged synthetic mattress tin mean breathing successful carcinogenic chemicals specified arsenic petroleum, occurrence retardants, phthalates, and volatile integrated compounds (VOCs). These compounds tin origin cancer1, infertility2, and encephalon improvement disorders. In short, if you're a instrumentality of Mother Nature and glowing skin3, nontoxic mattresses should beryllium connected your radar. In our WinkBeds EcoCloud review, we'll stock everything you request to cognize astir this peculiar eco-friendly design.

Our squad has researched sustainable mattress certifications extensively, and we've recovered that galore aren’t each they’re cracked up to be. This certification only speaks to nan foam wrong nan mattress, not nan full product. If you’ve publication immoderate sleep-related contented connected our site, you’ll cognize nan CertiPUR-US certification is nan bare minimum of safety standards. After researching the apical mattress labels and consulting biology experts, we discovered nan existent golden standards are nan GOTS and GOLS labels, which signify that nan marque uses astatine slightest 95% certified integrated textiles and latex. Mattresses pinch these qualifications besides person a broad database of banned toxic substances and are crafted pinch nan situation successful mind.

On our continual quest for nan cleanable sustainable mattress, we tested nan WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress. We’re large fans of nan original WinkBeds creation (in fact, our Deputy Commerce Editor sleeps connected it each nighttime and 1 of our writers put it to nan test for a afloat year). The only con of nan original WinkBeds, though, is that it’s not very sustainable. Our afloat reappraisal of nan WinkBeds EcoCloud walks you done nan nitty gritties of nan mattress’ luxury creation and sustainable materials, truthful you tin determine whether this mattress is simply a bully fresh for you.

The WinkBed EcoCloud astatine a glance:

Winkbeds EcoCloud

Who should effort it:

Those who worth sustainability and desire a softer slumber aboveground could autumn successful emotion pinch nan EcoCloud’s cloud-like design. Side sleepers, tummy sleepers, and those who tally basking will besides use from nan medium-soft firmness, which provides unit alleviation and maximum airflow to modulate your somesthesia while you sleep. The EcoCloud has besides been recognized by our squad arsenic 1 of nan champion mattresses for gangly group and for joint symptom and arthritis. This mattress is 1 to effort if you want to consciousness bully astir nan non-toxic materials wrong your mattress.

Who should skip:

Strict backmost sleepers should opt for different mattress, particularly if they’re worried astir mobility transportation aliases separator support. The pillow-top plushness tin beryllium a deterrent for those who for illustration nan buoyant consciousness of latex.

The WinkBed EcoCloud Pros & Cons


  • Supportive hybrid design
  • Natural latex & integrated cotton
  • Cooling


  • Only 1 firmness option
  • No removable cover
Winkbed ecocloud review

What is WinkBeds?

WinkBeds is an online institution offering luxury hybrid mattresses astatine an affordable price. The mattresses are handmade successful nan United States. Though nan marque is astir known for its innovative hybrid mattresses that furniture contouring of specialty foams pinch supportive innerspring that are comfortable for side, back, and tummy sleepers, WinkBeds besides makes furniture frames and high-quality mattress protectors, 100% fine-combed fabric expanse sets, and adjustable pillows.

While nan hybrid mattress family holds nan antecedently mentioned Certi-PUR certifications, only nan brand's latest model, nan EcoCloud, is genuinely eco-conscious. It has a 100% all-natural latex and innerspring hybrid design, pinch a fistful of feel-good certifications specified arsenic Global Organic Textile Standard, OEKO-TEX, and Rainforest Alliance. We emotion to spot these present astatine mindbodygreen.

WinkBeds ships its mattresses compressed and rolled successful a box, and successful grounds time. The institution promises shipping wrong 3 to 5 business days. When testing nan EcoCloud, our squad was shocked by really quickly it expanded; we felt for illustration we could beryllium connected it correct away. That said, it’s ever adjuvant to springiness your mattress a fewer hours to really settee into its afloat shape earlier sleeping connected it.

Shipping is free and nan marque offers a 120-night slumber trial. If you’re not loving your EcoCloud aft nan first 30 nights of nan trial, nan marque will prime it up for free. And, if you do support it, WinkBeds has a life warranty against shaper defects. One different use worthy noting: if for immoderate logic you determine you want to speech your furniture aft nan 120-night trial, WinkBeds will springiness you 50% disconnected a caller mattress. So if you want to switch to a mattress pinch much firmness, you’ll person that choice.

Winkbed ecocloud review

How is nan WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress made?

The WinkBeds EcoCloud is nan sustainable related of nan brand’s best-selling WinkBed Original mattress. And, yes, we said sibling, not twin. They’re some hybrid designs, combining nan functionality of foam and outpouring mattresses. In nan lawsuit of nan WinkBeds EcoCloud, nan hybrid combo provides superior support of coils pinch unit alleviation from 4 inches of Talalay latex, which has been renowned arsenic nan golden modular of latex. Designed to destruct unit connected nan joints and nan back, nan mattress has aggregate zones to supply targeted weight distribution for an adaptive and curve-conforming response. All wrapped up successful soft New Zealand wool, a silky soft integrated fabric cover, and perfectly nary chemicals, sprays, aliases synthetic materials, nan EcoCloud gets an A for sustainability, overmuch dissimilar its synthetic sister.

The breakdown of nan original WinkBeds and nan EcoCloud is besides somewhat different. There’s still a coil guidelines successful nan EcoCloud, but nan original WinkBeds creation has a gel foam furniture and signature plush pillow apical (which our Deputy Editor says feels for illustration a cloud). The EcoCloud, connected nan different hand, does not person nan aforesaid plush pillow top—or moreover a gel layer. It ditches synthetic materials, specified arsenic poly foams, for an eco-friendly latex foam originated from nan sap of rubber trees. Typically, this changes nan consciousness of a mattress to beryllium much buoyant.

The guidelines of nan EcoCloud hybrid is made from individually wrapped, recycled alloy coils. They’re strategically placed to relieve unit nether your hips and shoulders while staying supportive nether your little back. Talalay is simply a fluffier type of latex foam, which makes this mattress a spot softer than different latex options. Still, it’s very durable and supportive. Like nan coils below, nan latex furniture is targeted to supply firmer support for your debased backmost and lumbar area, pinch softer support successful your shoulders and hips.

This hybrid prime pairs a breathable Talalay latex and a cooling integrated fabric cover. The screen maximizes airflow and wicks distant moisture to support your assemblage cool each nighttime long. It’s besides worthy noting that nan innerspring besides helps beforehand airflow successful nan mattress, and latex is people a cooler worldly than representation foam. Beyond brag-worthy breathability, this mattress besides keeps support successful mind. The operation of guidelines foam layers and pocketed coils activity to relieve symptom passim your full body.

Features we emotion connected nan WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress:

Sustainable materials

We emotion this mattress’ sustainable materials, for illustration Talalay latex, integrated cotton, and all-natural sheep wool. What's more, these materials besides make for a ace cooling, comfortable and soft mattress. Other latex foams and synthetic materials tin often trap power and consciousness ace buoyant, but WinkBeds’ luxurious exemplary cradles your unit points and lets you descend into its crisp surface.

Pressure alleviation design

This mattress is highly recommended for broadside sleepers who emotion a soft firmness and could use from unit relief. The innersprings forestall nan mattress from emotion excessively soft, because there’s still a spot of bounce. Still, nan mattress does a adjacent occupation of absorbing movement, and (as you'll study below) tin return to its emblematic style aft weight is removed.

How patient is nan WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress?

The marque ranks this mattress astatine a 5 retired of 10 connected its firmness scale, and our testers work together that this mattress is simply a existent medium. It’s worthy noting that medium-firm tends to beryllium nan universal mattress recommendation, which would beryllium betwixt a 6 to 8 connected nan firmness standard of 1 to 10. So, while this mattress is connected nan softer side, it could beryllium a cleanable fresh for some. The marque really recommends it specifically for broadside sleepers because of this less-firm feel.

Winkbed ecocloud review

What sizes does nan WinkBeds EcoCloud travel in?

You tin bid a WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress successful each modular sizing, arsenic good arsenic a Twin XL and California King. You tin find nan nonstop measurements for each mattress below.

How overmuch does nan WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress cost?

Now, let’s talk astir 1 of nan astir important factors to see erstwhile buying a caller mattress: pricing. A queen-sized Winkbeds EcoCloud mattress typically costs conscionable nether $2,000. That’s astir nan aforesaid value arsenic akin latex hybrids from mattress brands Avocado, and Birch, and somewhat little costly than Saatva’s Latex Hybrid. Luckily, Winkbeds often runs promotions, particularly astir awesome holidays. Speaking of which, we moreover person a typical codification for you for being an mbg reader.

WinkBeds EcoCloud sizes & costs

Twin$139938” x 75” x 11.5"
Twin XL$149938” x 80” x 11.5"
Full$139953” x 75” x 11.5"
Queen$169960” x 80” x 11.5"
King$209976” x 80” x 11.5"
California King$209972” x 84” x 11.5"

The champion sleeping positions for this WinkBeds mattress:

Side: Yes

WinkBeds specifically recommends nan EcoCloud mattress for broadside sleepers because of its softer feel. Side sleepers use from a less-firm mattress pinch unit relief—and 1 that will thief let them to easy rotation from 1 broadside to nan different passim nan night. This soft creation will consciousness awesome for galore broadside sleepers because of nan measurement it cradles nan body.

Stomach: Mostly yes

Some tummy sleepers whitethorn bask nan soft, cloud-like cradling that this mattress offers. The cushioning astir unit points is great, particularly for those connected nan heavier broadside who will descend deeper into nan foam aliases for those who for illustration a very cloud-like slumber surface. In fact, we’ve antecedently called it retired connected our database of best unreality mattresses.

Back: Not recommended

Back sleepers will find this mattress excessively soft. We wouldn’t urge a medium-soft mattress for backmost sleepers because a deficiency of support won’t beforehand due spinal alignment. We besides interest a backmost sleeper would consciousness for illustration it’s lacking support complete time.

Winkbed ecocloud review

How nan WInkBeds EcoCloud performs successful testing:

Motion Transfer: 2/5

Our mobility transportation trial measures really good this mattress isolates activity by watching what happens to a jar of greenish juice while our tester walks toward it. If you stock a furniture pinch a partner aliases a pet, mobility transportation tin make a immense quality successful your slumber quality. If you person a partner that’s connected a different slumber schedule aliases tosses and turns successful their sleep, this tin successful move disrupt your sleep. A mattress pinch bully mobility isolation tin make it truthful you don’t consciousness a thing.

When we tested nan mobility transportation connected nan EcoCloud mattress, location was immoderate activity successful nan greenish juice jar. Small movements weren’t ace noticeable, but you would decidedly beryllium capable to consciousness a partner moving successful bed. If you’re a ray sleeper who tends to get successful furniture first (or enactment successful furniture longer), you mightiness want thing pinch a higher mobility transportation rating, specified arsenic nan Saatva Latex Hybrid.

Responsiveness: 5/5

Our team's Bounce-Back trial evaluates really responsive a mattress is and really good it will clasp up complete time. To trial this, we dropped a dumbbell onto nan mattress and watched really overmuch it bounces. This gives an thought of really easy it’ll beryllium to move positions passim nan night. Once nan dumbbells settled we observe really quickly it returns to its original shape.

When nan dumbbell dropped connected nan EcoCloud, location wasn’t a ton of bounce. The mattress really absorbed nan movement, proving precisely conscionable really soft nan four-inch furniture of Talalay latex furniture really is. The bounce successful this mattress chiefly comes from its innerspring furniture alternatively of nan latex foam, which is different from different hybrid models we’ve tried. This intends nan mattress really has coagulated bounce-back. When we removed nan weight, nan mattress returned to its original style reasonably quickly. A mattress that takes excessively agelong to return backmost to its original style will sag faster and commencement to suffer its support complete time. Our squad thinks this mattress would clasp up well, moreover pinch nightly use.

Pressure relief: 4/5

To trial unit relief, we analyse really good nan mattress cradles a weight that’s been dropped onto nan bed. Next, we person our testers dishonesty successful different sleeping positions connected nan mattress. This mattress offers a nice, cradling unit relief, particularly erstwhile lying connected your side. Our testers evaluated really nan mattress felt astir their hips, shoulders, and different unit points. We recovered a softer creation for illustration this does not connection a ton of unit alleviation for backmost sleepers, but excels successful different positions.

Edge support: 2/5

If you stock a furniture pinch a partner aliases you for illustration to starfish out, separator support is an particularly important facet erstwhile considering which mattress to buy. We tested this mattress’ separator support by having our testers dishonesty down connected nan separator of nan EcoCloud successful 3 slumber positions to spot whether they felt supported aliases not. The marque notes that nan alloy coils astir nan perimeter of nan furniture thief heighten separator support. However, nan latex foam is simply a overmuch thinner layer—and nan wide softness of this mattress intends nan edges don’t really consciousness that firm. We’d really see this conscionable okay separator support, aliases moreover somewhat beneath average.

Winkbed ecocloud review

The takeaway

After sleeping connected nan WinkBeds EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress, we tin corroborate it is simply a coagulated prime for those seeking a cooling, sustainable action that leans connected nan softer side. Our squad particularly likes that this mattress is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, OEKO-TEX, and Rainforest Alliance arsenic safe, eco-friendly, and nontoxic. Back sleepers should opt for a much patient mattress, but broadside and tummy sleepers will bask nan pillow-top aboveground that cradles your weight arsenic you move astir mid-slumber. As 1 of nan best cooling mattresses, you’ll decidedly beryllium getting a bang for your subordinate if you tin get this mattress erstwhile it’s connected waste aliases pinch a coupon code.

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