Adam Levine Shares Intimate Family Moments With Behati Prinsloo & Kids in New Maroon 5 Video: Watch

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The set will springiness nan way its unrecorded debut connected nan play 23 finale of The Voice connected Tuesday night.

Maroon 5‘s newest euphony video is yet here. The Adam Levine-fronted group released nan ocular for its caller single, “Middle Ground,” connected Tuesday (May 23), which sees nan quintet going nan acoustic route.

The video features Levine alongside his bandmates performing nan slow-burning way — which sees nan vocalist reflecting connected a desire for soul bid and making amends for his actions — from nan wrong of a workplace and an outdoor setting.

“Sisters and brothers are picking sides/ And some of our mothers are terrified/ And I’m crying retired to an quiet sky/ Tell me,” he emotively sings earlier heading into a soaring chorus. “If I deed nan ground/ And I autumn down to my knees/ Would you perceive nan sound?/ Am I crazy to deliberation that we/ Could make it out?/ Am I crazier to believe/ There’s a mediate ground?”

In a break from nan video’s capacity scenes, Levine is joined by woman Behati Prinsloo and their 2 children — Dusty Rose and Gio Grace Levine — for immoderate value clip successful a hammock. Later successful nan sentimental euphony video, nan rocker plays chess pinch 1 of his daughters, who is besides seen moving crossed a backyard pinch a bubble wand.

Maroon 5 will springiness “Middle Ground” its unrecorded debut connected nan Tuesday play 23 finale of The Voice, which will besides people Blake Shelton’s past section arsenic a coach connected nan show.

Watch nan euphony video for “Middle Ground” above.

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