After Finding Nothing On Biden, Jim Jordan Wants To Investigate Hillary Clinton

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Since his investigation into President Biden is simply a bust, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan wants to analyse Hillary Clinton.

Video of Jordan:

Jordan was asked by Bartiromo astir investigating Hillary Clinton based connected nan Durham study and he answered, “We’re going to talk pinch our lawyers. We’re going to talk pinch speaker McCarthy connected wherever we proceed from here. In truth are location group that were that were highlighted successful nan Durham investigation and nan Durham study that we request to talk to connected nan Judiciary Committee we’re going to springiness that a bully difficult look but thing is disconnected nan array because it is captious nan American group understand really their authorities their agencies person been turned connected them nan payer and we get each nan facts retired there.”

Rep. Jordan’s imaginable pivot of attraction to Hillary Clinton is an admittance that his Biden investigation, and his investigation into nan ‘weaponization of government’ person been full failures.

When Republicans neglect to find thing applicable to President Biden, their first move is ever to spell backmost to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton isn’t moving for president successful 2024. Donald Trump tried moving against Hillary Clinton successful 2020 and that didn’t activity retired truthful well.

Democrats will beryllium thrilled if Jim Jordan and Donald Trump make nan 2024 statesmanlike run astir Hillary Clinton.

Jordan has nothing, truthful he is retreating backmost to nan GOP Hillary bunker.

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