AI-Generated Image of Fake Explosion Outside Pentagon Causes Panic

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Artificial Intelligence Causes Panic, Hurts Stock Market ... Fake Pentagon Explosion Pic

5/22/2023 11:38 AM PT

AI nan clone image

An AI-generated image of a clone detonation extracurricular nan Pentagon stoked panic and sent stocks tumbling arsenic nan hoax dispersed connected societal media.

The clone image down Monday's chaos shows fume billowing from nan grounds extracurricular nan Pentagon ... pinch nan image spreading for illustration wildfire online aft being shared by tons of accounts, including a Russian authorities media outlet.

The AI-generated activity was often posted pinch mendacious accounts of an detonation happening astatine nan Pentagon ... causing a panic and a banal selloff that saw nan S&P 500 driblet by 30 points.

@PFPAOfficial and nan ACFD are alert of a societal media study circulating online astir an detonation adjacent nan Pentagon. There is NO detonation aliases incident taking spot astatine aliases adjacent nan Pentagon reservation, and location is nary contiguous threat aliases hazards to nan public.

— Arlington Fire & EMS (@ArlingtonVaFD) May 22, 2023 @ArlingtonVaFD

The Arlington County Fire Department put retired nan occurrence by debunking nan image arsenic a hoax.

While immoderate were fooled by nan clone Pentagon photo, immoderate weren't truthful easy duped ... pinch eagle-eyed accounts pointing retired evident flaws pinch nan AI-generated image, chiefly focusing connected warped sections of nan Pentagon fence.


Calls for much defender rails connected AI are now getting stronger ... arsenic statement astir nan early of AI rages connected Capitol Hill.

Remember ... AI expert Gary Marcus joined america connected "TMZ Live" past week aft testifying earlier Congress astir nan dangers of AI, informing nan futuristic exertion has nan powerfulness to manipulate users and power ways of thinking.

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