Aleksander Barkov injury update: Panthers hit huge snag with captain

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Apr 21, 2023; Sunrise, Florida, USA; Florida Panthers halfway Aleksander Barkov (16) moves nan puck during nan 2nd play against nan Boston Bruins successful crippled 3 of nan first information of nan 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs astatine FLA Live Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Panthers won Game 3 of nan Eastern Conference Final, but nan squad has logic to interest aft their captain, Aleksander Barkov, exited pinch an injury.

Aleksander Barkov has been a large contributor during nan Florida Panthers’ 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs run. The skipper has 4 goals and 8 assists successful nan playoffs while besides providing defense, blocking 10 shots. The Panthers are up 3-0 complete nan Carolina Hurricanes successful a thrilling Eastern Conference Final that has seen two overtime victories and a shutout.

Monday night’s Game 3 provided logic for Panthers fans to worry. With 7 minutes remaining successful nan first period, Sasha Barkov near nan game aft a cheque on nan boards by nan Canes’ Jack Drury.

It was a ray hit, but thing went wrong. The halfway ne'er returned to nan ice, missing nan remainder of nan game. A mid-game update revealed that Barkov near nan crippled pinch a lower-body wounded and was questionable to return.

Will Aleksander Barkov return to nan playoffs aft a Game 3 injury?

After nan game, caput coach Paul Maurice didn’t person an update connected Barkov’s position erstwhile asked. “He was astatine a barroom mitzvah,” Maurice joked. “His neighbour had a…yeah, that’s what we’ll spell with. Bar mitzvah.”

There’s nary connection yet if Barkov will miss Game 4 of nan Eastern Conference Final, but if he does, it would beryllium a immense rustle to nan Panthers. In summation to his stats, Barkov is known for providing dependable activity for nan team. In his absence, nan squad stepped up and sewage nan occupation done successful a adjacent game. They conscionable request 1 much triumph to make it to nan Stanley Cup Finals.

If they make it to nan last series, nan Florida Panthers mightiness person to look either nan Dallas Stars aliases Vegas Golden Knights without their captain. For now, nan Panthers will attraction connected Game 4 against nan Canes. Panthers fans will hold successful agony for an update connected Barkov.

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