Alex Murdaugh Indicted for Stealing Millions from Dead Housekeeper's Estate

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Alex Murdaugh New 22-Count Indictment ... Allegedly Stole $3.4 Mil from Dead Housekeeper

5/24/2023 7:54 AM PT

alex murdaugh

Murder's conscionable nan extremity of nan iceberg pinch Alex Murdaugh ... nan feds opportunity he plotted pinch slope CEOs and different attorneys to plunder millions from clients, and nan property of nan housekeeper who died mysteriously successful his home.

The feds conscionable dropped a 22-count indictment connected nan convicted murderer, and according to nan docs ... Murdaugh had rather nan cognition going down nan scenes of his family's individual wounded rule firm.

Gloria Satterfield

Perhaps nan astir disturbing complaint involves Gloria Satterfield, nan Murdaughs' longtime housekeeper, who died successful 2018 aft an alleged gaffe and autumn -- caused by nan Murdaughs' dogs -- successful nan family's home.

According to nan indictment, Murdaugh recommended Gloria's family prosecute different lawyer ... who was 1 of Murdaugh's adjacent friends.

the murdaugh family

That lawyer negotiated settlements for Gloria's decease from 2 security companies -- Lloyds of London and Nautilus Insurance group -- totaling astir $4.3 million. However, nan feds opportunity nan lion's stock of that colony sewage funneled into an relationship Murdaugh group up to look for illustration a legit consulting patient ... but it perfectly was not.

Gloria's family members said retired successful nan Netflix documentary, "Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal," and said they ne'er saw a dime of nan security payouts. This indictment backs that up, and provides an reply for wherever nan money went ... allegedly.

The Satterfields are conscionable 1 of respective of Murdaugh's financial victims, according to nan indictment, which specifications different alleged incidents of pilfering his clients' funds.

He's accused of money laundering, ligament fraud, slope fraud and conspiracy to perpetrate fraud.


Of course, Murdaugh was sentenced to life successful situation earlier this twelvemonth for nan 2021 murders of his woman and son. He can't get much clip down bars, but nan feds tin cod money and assets for his victims ... if he's convicted. Again.

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