Amanda Bynes Living Sad, Isolated Life After Mental Hospital Stay

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Amanda Bynes Sad, Isolated Life Without Friends After Mental Hospital Stay

5/23/2023 1:00 AM PT

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes is facing a reliable reality aft spending weeks successful a intelligence hospital, often emotion sad and isolated, arsenic she useful to equilibrium her aesculapian needs and wherever to spell adjacent successful life ... TMZ has learned.

Sources adjacent to Amanda show america ... she's backmost surviving solo successful her ain spot aft her caller release from a intelligence hospital, but she doesn't person a batch of group successful her life.

amanda bynes

We're told Amanda hasn't been focusing connected immoderate of nan passions she had earlier she was recovered roaming nan streets naked successful March -- for illustration manner creation and being a nail tech.

Instead, she loses liking quickly ... though, we're told she could prime up those interests again down nan road.

amanda bynes

The bully news -- our sources opportunity Amanda is really bully astir attending her outpatient treatments, seeing therapists, and taking her medication.

TMZ collapsed nan communicative ... she was released from a intelligence infirmary past month, 3 weeks aft she was first admitted for treatment.

paul michael amanda bynes

While Amanda's unsocial these days, folks astir her don't want to spot her get backmost pinch her ex, Paul Michael.

Our sources opportunity Paul wasn't location for Amanda erstwhile she was struggling, and they want to spot her move connected from him because they consciousness he's toxic to her recovery.

Amanda Bynes

We're told Amanda mostly conscionable communicates pinch her parents and siblings ... and really sees her parents from clip to time.

So, while she's isolated from friends, astatine slightest she's connected bully position pinch her family.

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