Amanda Gorman's Biden Inauguration Poem Banned From Florida Elementary School

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Poet Amanda Gorman Biden Inauguration Poem Banned From FL Elementary School ... Parent Claims Filled With Hate, Written By Oprah

5/24/2023 7:13 AM PT

A schoolhouse successful Florida has put nan kibosh connected its younger students reference Amanda Gorman's powerful poem -- nan 1 she publication astatine President Joe Biden's inauguration -- aft 1 genitor claimed it was riddled pinch dislike ... besides claiming it was penned by Oprah.

The Bob Graham Education Center successful Miami Lakes imposed nan prohibition connected Gorman's "The Hills We Climb," making it disposable only to mediate schoolers astatine nan K-8 school.

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Daily Salinas, nan complaining parent, revenge a title successful March, claiming nan poem could origin "confusion and indoctrinate students" pinch "hate messages" ... adding a specious declare Oprah was nan writer and not Gorman.


After learning astir nan ban, nan 25-year-old writer took to societal media to telephone retired Salinas ... saying, “So they prohibition my book from young readers… neglect to specify what parts of my poesy they entity to, garbage to publication immoderate reviews, and connection nary alternatives." She says she's "gutted" that it takes only 1 title to get useful of creation removed.

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Gorman now says patient Penguin Random House is teaming up pinch PEN America -- an org that defends free look done lit -- to conflict backmost against book bans pinch a lawsuit.

For nan grounds ... Gorman's poem is astir unity successful America and nan dream that nan state tin travel together successful a clip of specified divisiveness -- you'll recall, Gorman publication nan highly-praised poem connected Capitol Hill conscionable weeks aft insurrectionists stormed nan nonstop aforesaid location.

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