'American Idol' Winner Just Sam Says She's Singing In NYC Subways For Money

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'American Idol' Winner Just Sam I'm Singing In NYC Subways Again ... Embarrassed, But I Need $$$

5/23/2023 5:35 PM PT

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Former "American Idol" victor Samantha "Just Sam" Diaz is surviving a bad lawsuit of deja vu ... she says she's singing successful New York City subways for money.

Just 3 years removed from winning "Idol" successful 2020, Sam says she's backmost to showing disconnected her pipes successful subway stations ... making her surviving disconnected nan rate and coins folks time off successful her aid box.

Instagram / @samanthadiaz

Just Sam is documenting her afloat circle infinitesimal connected societal media ... posting clips connected her Instagram page showing her covering different songs successful NYC subway stations.

In a since-deleted caption, Sam says she was embarrassed to beryllium reverting backmost to subway singing aft winning nan celebrated reality singing competition.

According to The Sun, Sam's deleted caption said, "Back successful 2021, I was ace embarrassed to beryllium going backmost to nan trains. I didn’t want group to cognize that I legit needed nan money. I didn't want group to cognize that it wasn't optional. I was disappointed successful myself for allowing myself to autumn truthful debased aft winning Idol, but past I had to return it easy connected maine and retrieve that I started my travel pinch Idol astatine 20 years old."

Sam won "Idol" astatine nan tallness of nan pandemic, during a 2020 play that went distant midseason, and contestants performed while isolated. She hit retired runner-up Arthur Gunn to triumph nan show's 18th season.

While Sam's sound still sounds great, it's beautiful sad to spot her singing for straphangers.

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