An AI Chatbot Is Coming to TikTok for Some Reason

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TikTok is pursuing successful Snapchat’s footsteps, aft nan second introduced a chatbot successful February.

TikTok is pursuing successful Snapchat’s footsteps, aft nan second introduced a chatbot successful February. Image: XanderSt (Shutterstock)

AI feels for illustration it’s taking complete nan world, and now it’s coming to 1 of nan astir celebrated societal media platforms. TikTok is reportedly adding an AI chatbot to its app.

The bot is called “Tako” and is being released to constricted markets successful nan Philippines for testing, according to Reuters. Tako is expected to talk pinch users astir TikToks while helping them observe much content. Videos and screenshots captured by show Tako surviving successful nan main TikTok video interface, supra nan user’s floor plan image connected nan correct broadside of nan surface represented by a ghost-shaped icon.

“Being astatine nan forefront of invention is halfway to building nan TikTok experience, and we’re ever exploring caller technologies that adhd worth to our community,” TikTok told TechCrunch. “In prime markets, we’re testing caller ways to powerfulness hunt and find connected TikTok, and we look guardant to learning from our organization arsenic we proceed to create a safe spot that entertains, inspires productivity and drives culture.”

Tako appears to beryllium an effort from TikTok astatine different avenue for users to navigate nan app. The chatbot is simply a benignant of amalgamation of TikTok’s hunt usability and its scarily-accurate proposal algorithm connected nan For You page. Watchful says that Tako will cod personification preferences to urge hyper-targeted and personalized content. 

TikTok is not nan only societal media level hopping connected nan chatbot bandwagon: Snapchat revealed an AI chatbot called MyAI successful February. Initially, only users foolish capable to salary $3.99 for Snapchat Plus had entree to nan AI, but Snapchat rolled retired entree to everyone connected nan app successful April.

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