An Expert's 3-Step Guide To Treating Orange Peel Skin On The Legs

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Alexandra Engler
Alexandra Engler

mbg Beauty Director

By Alexandra Engler

mbg Beauty Director

Alexandra Engler is nan beauty head astatine mindbodygreen and big of nan beauty podcast Clean Beauty School. Previously, she's held beauty roles astatine Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, SELF, and Cosmopolitan; her byline has appeared successful Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and

Three Pairs Of Legs connected nan beach

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May 23, 2023

It’s that clip of nan twelvemonth erstwhile I commencement to deliberation much and much astir my legs. The layers travel off, nan tegument comes out, and each of a abrupt adopting a much thorough assemblage attraction regular starts to sound for illustration a great idea. 

I’ll beryllium honorable pinch you: I’ve ever been a spot aforesaid conscious astir nan tegument connected my legs. I’ve written earlier astir really I woody pinch strawberry skin (or tegument that looks congested station shave), arsenic good arsenic conscionable mostly having barren tegument connected my body. And for illustration a batch of folks, I besides woody pinch dimpling and bumpiness connected my thighs (this is sometimes called “orange peel skin”—the beauty manufacture really loves comparing tegument to fruit, I guess?). Essentially my tegument conscionable isn’t arsenic soft and svelte arsenic I’d for illustration it to beryllium naturally. 


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The bully news is that I’ve deed a constituent successful life wherever things for illustration this really don’t fuss me. Skin is tegument is skin—and seldom does it look arsenic flawless arsenic it mightiness successful photoshopped advertisements. But perfectionism isn’t a extremity of mine, and I’d alternatively conscionable person my tegument look healthy. 

But conscionable because I don’t attraction that it’s not “perfect” doesn’t mean I springiness up caring for my tegument entirely. Quite nan opposite! I indulge successful a assemblage attraction regular that I love, and do truthful knowing that it won’t make dimples magically vanish aliases look much “toned” overnight. And conjecture what? My tegument has ne'er looked aliases felt better. 

Keep tegument hydrated 

I tin not overstate nan value of regular hydration for tegument health. Dry, dehydrate tegument appears dull, crepey, and is much prone to sagging—all of which will exacerbate nan quality of dimples and bumps. Not to mention, moisturizers tin temporarily thief tegument look much supple and glowy. And successful nan long-term, a high-quality hydrator will thief your tegument look younger for longer. Don’t skip connected hydration!

Look for options pinch obstruction supporting ingredients and actives. Coenzyme Q10, for example, is simply a powerful antioxidant that protects tegument cells from damage. Shea food and oat oil person some been shown to thief boost ceramides successful nan tegument and bolster nan barrier. mindbodygreen’s postbiotic assemblage lotion uses these ingredients, positive a typical biotech postbiotic constituent that improves epidermal model reconstruction, truthful tegument is stronger and looks smoother pinch use. 


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Look for toning treatments

If your concerns are dimples connected nan skin, you mightiness use from looking for a toning assemblage pick aliases 1 formulated to dainty crepey skin (as there’ll beryllium constituent overlap). Toning creams whitethorn person progressive ingredients to thief tighten nan tegument and fortify nan epidermis. 

For illustration caffeine is simply a celebrated constituent successful toning creams, arsenic it tin springiness nan tegument a boost of circulation and suppleness. Retinols thief amended tegument compartment turnover, boost collagen production, and moreover thicken nan epidermis of nan skin, which tin thief amended nan look of tegument overtime (however, they tin beryllium challenging to tolerate—even connected nan body). AHAs, for illustration glycolic acid, person besides go celebrated successful assemblage treatments arsenic they tin slough disconnected barren tegument and moreover thief support your body’s collagen production.  

It’s important to make judge you usage these treatments alongside assemblage moisturizers and lotions though—if you’re not careful, utilizing potent actives tin extremity up disrupting nan tegument obstruction and damaging nan skin. 

Faux tan 

I personally don’t faux tan, but tons of pros committedness by it to soft retired nan quality of skin. (There’s a logic astir celebrities get clone tans—even if they don’t admit it.) Beauty editor Jamie Shcnieder erstwhile wrote astir really it’s typically seen arsenic a “high-maintenance” beauty ritual, but successful reality: It makes your day-to-day truthful overmuch simpler because your tegument looks glowy and polished without overmuch fuss.

“Especially arsenic nan upwind warms up, I'll self-tan each 10 days aliases truthful for a faux glow. In summation to making maine look for illustration I conscionable returned from a formation vacation, I find it helps equilibrium and brighten my complexion, benignant of for illustration a full-body color corrector,” she writes. “That doesn't mean I'll skimp connected my regular lotion, but self-tanner makes my tegument look overmuch smoother, tighter, and much even-toned.”

Check retired mbg’s favorite self-tanners and how to usage them here. 


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The takeaway

Getting smooth, supple, hydrated tegument head-to-toe doesn't request a afloat regular overhaul. Just look for smart hydrators pinch obstruction supporting actives and regularly exfoliate. And if those don't work? Well you tin ever clone it pinch a faux tan. For much tips connected really to dainty crepey tegument connected nan legs, check retired our guide.

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