Ancient mass extinction may have driven millipedes to eat meat

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The wide extinction astatine nan extremity of nan Permian Period wiped retired galore plants. Fossils of millipedes from that era person been recovered alongside ancient mammal carcasses, suggesting that wide works die-off whitethorn person driven them to beryllium carnivorous

By Richard Pallardy

New Scientist Default Image

Fossilised remains of an ancient millipede pinch a mammal ancestor

David P. Groenewald

Ancient millipedes whitethorn person turned to scavenging animal remains retired of desperation aft nan catastrophic works die-off astatine nan extremity of nan Permian Period, astir 252 cardinal years ago. This could uncover really these usually herbivorous creatures survived aft nan planet’s astir devastating wide extinction.

David Groenewald astatine nan University of nan Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, successful South Africa and his colleagues moving successful sections of nan Karoo basin successful South Africa study that they person recovered fossils of early mammal …

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