Another Streaming ‘Renaissance’ for Beyoncé Following Tour Kickoff & New Remix

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Welcome to Billboard Pro’s Trending Up newsletter, wherever we return a person look astatine nan songs, artists, curiosities and trends that person caught nan euphony industry’s attention. Some person travel retired of nowhere, others person taken months to drawback on, and each of them could go ubiquitous successful nan blink of a TikTok clip.

This week: Beyoncé’s caller circuit (and caller remix) gives her catalog a large boost, while Lana Del Rey becomes nan latest creator to people pinch a caller old-song, an American Idol victor shows early commercialized promise, and overmuch more.

A Streaming Renaissance: Beyoncé Scores Gains With New Tour & Remix 

The motorboat of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour — nan superstar’s first headlining tally successful 7 years — has understandably caused plentifulness of societal media chatter astir group database inclusions, outfit choices and choreography highlights arsenic viewed done instrumentality videos. Since kicking disconnected connected May 10 successful Stockholm and continuing crossed nan U.K. and Europe complete nan past 2 weeks, nan circuit has besides resulted successful a patient uptick successful streams for Queen Bey’s catalog. 

Weekly U.S. on-demand streams for Beyoncé’s solo euphony totaled 52.1 cardinal for nan week ending May 11, a 9.2% summation from nan anterior week (47.7 million), according to Luminate. During nan first afloat week of nan Renaissance tour, that number jumped to 58.1 cardinal streams for nan week ending May 18 — and connected nan existent Billboard 200 albums chart, past year’s Renaissance medium benefited from those streams, jumping up 16 spots to No. 29. Considering that these millions of plays are exclusively coming from U.S. listeners, expect those streaming totals to enactment patient erstwhile nan Renaissance circuit touches down successful North America connected July 8.  

To supply nan BeyHive pinch moreover much excitement, Beyoncé unveiled a caller remix of Renaissance item “America Has a Problem,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, past Friday nighttime (May 19). We’ll spot adjacent week precisely really overmuch nan remix impacts her wide streaming full — and really precocious nan song, which primitively peaked astatine No. 69 connected nan Billboard Hot 100, tin climb successful its caller shape — but early streaming returns are promising: “Problem” jumped from 564,000 regular streams connected Friday to 1.77 cardinal successful its first afloat time of merchandise connected Saturday, a bump of 213%. – JASON LIPSHUTZ  

Fans “Say Yes” to New-Old Lana Del Rey Song 

Lana Del Rey has 1 of nan year’s astir acclaimed albums frankincense acold pinch Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, which deed No. 3 connected nan Billboard 200 albums chart. But 1 accomplishment she doesn’t person from that project is a Hot 100 deed – successful fact, nan past 1 of those nan alt-pop prima scored arsenic a solo lead creator was 4 albums ago, pinch her No. 59-peaking screen of Sublime’s “Doin’ Time,” from 2019’s Norman F—king Rockwell.  

That mightiness alteration adjacent week, acknowledgment to nan merchandise of her caller one-off “Say Yes to Heaven.” The song, which Del Rey wrote pinch predominant collaborator Rick Nowels successful 2012, had go a instrumentality favourite successful nan decade since arsenic an unreleased leak, pinch sped-up versions of it besides helping it spell viral much precocious connected TikTok. Fan excitement complete its charismatic merchandise helped it onshore astir 1.9 cardinal on-demand U.S. streams successful its first afloat time of merchandise past Friday (May 22), on pinch astir 900 successful integer opus sales, according to Luminate.

Those numbers slipped a small nan adjacent mates days, but person still remained reasonably strong, arsenic nan opus is still hanging successful nan Spotify Daily Top Songs USA chart’s apical 50 5 days aft its release. If they enactment adjacent that level, “Say Yes” will apt ace nan Hot 100 past week – conscionable nan latest illustration of an artist’s newer activity being nary lucifer for a recently celebrated older opus of theirs connected nan Billboard charts successful 2023. — ANDREW UNTERBERGER  

Bad Bunny’s ‘Goes’ Gets Going With Strong Streaming Start 

Does Bad Bunny person different summertime deed connected his hands? After ruling past year’s canine days acknowledgment to nan May merchandise of his Un Verano Sin Ti album, he unveiled a club-ready single, “Where She Goes,” precocious past week, and first streaming numbers propose much ubiquity connected nan measurement for nan record-setting star. The way earned 5.1 cardinal U.S. on-demand streams connected Friday (May 19) aft hitting streaming services nan erstwhile day, and scored different 6.4 cardinal mixed streams complete nan people of nan weekend. While “Where She Goes” whitethorn not beryllium an contiguous threat to apical nan Hot 100, Bad Bunny has yet to people a No. 1 azygous connected nan floor plan arsenic a solo creator — and could very good effort to cheque that feat disconnected his master database successful nan coming weeks. – JL 

Will We Finally “Be Seeing” This Year’s Idol Winner connected nan Charts? 

Two decades connected from nan show’s debut, nan commercialized effect of American Idol successful 2023 is reasonably muted compared to what it erstwhile was – pinch Nick Fradiani successful 2015 being nan past play victor to moreover notch a deed connected nan Hot 100. Time will show if 18-year-old Iam Tongi, announced connected Sunday (May 21) arsenic Season 21’s winner, is going to beryllium nan 1 to break that trend. But based connected nan early returns, he’s disconnected to a beautiful bully start.  

“I’ll Be Seeing You,” dedicated to Tongi’s precocious begetter and released arsenic his first azygous past Friday, sewage disconnected to a decently awesome commencement – pinch charismatic on-demand U.S. streams astir 50,000 and income astir 1,500 successful its first time of release, according to Luminate. But those numbers person gone measurement up pursuing his emotional performance of nan opus connected Sunday’s finale, pinch regular streams rising to complete 100,000 and income now complete 3,000, arsenic nan opus topped nan regular U.S. iTunes chart.  

And correct beneath it connected that chart? James Blunt’s “Monsters,” a 2019 azygous that besides moved complete 3,000 copies connected Monday, pinch regular streams complete 200,000, pursuing a likewise powerful duet nan 2 singers performed of nan ballad connected Sunday’s show (with state prima Jelly Roll calling it “one of nan astir affectional things ever” successful its YouTube comments). If Tongi tin thief get James Blunt backmost onto nan Billboard charts, large things whitethorn so dishonesty up for him. — AU 

Q&A: Harvey Cohen, President of Vibee, connected What’s Trending Up successful His World 

Why is now nan correct clip for an immersive euphony travel statement for illustration Vibee? 

During nan pandemic, recreation and in-person experiences – including unrecorded euphony & intermezo – came to a halt. When nan world opened backmost up, we witnessed a renewed appreciation for community, exploration, and real-life euphony experiences, particularly astatine a much boutique level. As a result, Vibee recognized location was an unthinkable opportunity to build out-of-this-world trips for euphony fans that intersect passions for travel, connection, and exceptional unrecorded entertainment, while bringing fans person than they’ve ever been to their favourite artists. And present we are. 

Vibee has frankincense acold offered some destination experiences, for illustration “Lionel Richie’s Dancing connected nan Sand” successful nan Bahamas, and euphony show integrations pinch fests, for illustration Lollapalooza and ACL. How person these events been selected and curated to fresh nan Vibee brand? 

At Vibee we make it a constituent to connection elevated experiences for each types of euphony fans. We find nan correct locations and nutrient events successful conjunction with, and which align pinch nan lifestyles of, our partner artists. For example, Tiësto’s “Chasing Sunsets” is taking spot successful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this November wherever attendees tin bask vessel parties, tequila tastings, and watersport excursions successful summation to aggregate unthinkable performances by Tiësto and immoderate of his favourite artists. The “Honky-Tonk Homecoming” play successful Nashville will see performances from ‘90s state legends, a typical songwriters brunch, tours of renowned venues for illustration nan Grand Ole Opry, and more. This will beryllium an all-encompassing Nashville weekend, wherever we will bring fans backmost to that astonishing era successful state euphony pinch taxable parties, honky tonk crawls, coupled pinch concerts by nan likes of Trace Adkins, Jo Dee Messina, Lonestar, and Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry. These are conscionable a mates examples of what we person successful nan works.  

Can you picture Vibee’s business pinch Live Nation, and really you expect it to germinate successful nan adjacent future? 

Vibee was founded by Live Nation to pat into nan desire from fans to person experiences much profoundly rooted successful a emotion of euphony and travel. Vibee focuses connected 3 main verticals: curated experiences, show integrations and Las Vegas residencies. Through our Live Nation business we’re capable to activity pinch nan industry’s astir respected show producers including C3 Presents, Country Nation, Founders Entertainment, and different Live Nation show properties. Vibee is besides proud to person signed an exclusive world business pinch Insomniac, to bring premium hospitality experiences to their events astir nan world. These see nan caller Hotel EDC takeover astatine Resorts World successful Las Vegas, and nan sold retired inaugural EDSea cruise this fall.  Fans tin find much of what we’re moving connected astatine aliases by pursuing america astatine @VibeePresents connected societal media. There are a batch of unthinkable things to travel this year. 

What’s 1 extremity that you’d for illustration to spot Vibee — and, to immoderate extent, nan immersive assemblage of nan unrecorded manufacture — execute successful nan adjacent fewer years? 

We genuinely want to surpass fans’ expectations by creating nan astir memorable immersive euphony destination experiences, each complete nan world. We want group to find emotion and life-long friends astatine Vibee events. And successful years to travel erstwhile asked really they met, say, “We met while dancing to our favourite creator connected an unbelievable travel that was curated by Vibee.” – J.L. 

Season’s Gainings: Streamers Show Their Mother’s Day Appreciation 

If you forgot to nonstop your mom a paper aliases springiness her a telephone telephone 2 Sundays agone (May 14), it’s astir apt a small precocious now – but hopefully you were astatine slightest 1 of nan galore listeners who showed your gratitude by streaming immoderate Mother’s Day classics connected DSPs. 2Pac’s “Dear Mama,” apt besides boosted precocious by nan Hulu doc bid named aft nan 1995 classical astir nan rapper’s narration pinch mother Afeni Shakur, was up 48% to complete play 2.6 cardinal charismatic on-demand U.S. streams for nan week ending May 18, while The Intruders’ Philly Soul perennial “I’ll Always Love My Mama” was up 335% to 154,000 streams, according to Luminate. Another much caller introduction successful nan canon besides benefitted: Meghan Trainor’s 2016 prize trim “Mom,” which kicked disconnected Spotify’s charismatic Mother’s Day playlist and climbed 147% to 382,000 play streams. — AU

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