Apple AirPods Are Back on Sale Starting at Just $99

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Get them while you can! Here's wherever you tin people AirPods connected waste for $99, positive nan caller AirPods Pro connected waste for $199.99.



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Memorial Day play is upon us, which intends you tin find discounts connected must-have products for illustration Apple AirPods, which are presently connected waste astatine Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon.



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See latest videos, charts and news

Whether you’re shopping for a gift aliases picking up thing caller for yourself, get Apple’s best-selling AirPods connected waste starting at conscionable $99  — 1 of their lowest prices ever. Apple’s newest, AirPods Pros are connected waste for $199.99.

When it comes to earbuds for music, there’s nary denying nan fame of AirPods. Apple’s celebrated all-white earbuds are arsenic overmuch a position awesome arsenic they are an basal go-to for signaling artists, podcasters and euphony producers alike. But we urge them for mundane usage arsenic well, whether you’re listening to euphony connected your regular commute aliases request a brace of wireless earbuds for your adjacent FaceTime telephone aliases Zoom.

While AirPods utilized to costs a beautiful penny, they’re now disposable for nether $200. Apple products ne'er spell connected waste connected nan company’s ain site, but Amazon and Walmart person marked down AirPods to arsenic debased arsenic $99. Deals for illustration this won’t last, truthful you’ll person to move accelerated to get AirPods astatine a heavy discount (click here to shop Apple iPad, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro and more).

These 2nd procreation AirPods Pros are presently $199.99 astatine Amazon and Walmart (third procreation AirPods $159). Regularly $249, nan AirPods woody gets you a 20% discount connected nan latest Apple earbuds. Apple’s newest AirPods Pro are equipped pinch an H2 spot that “pushes precocious audio capacity moreover further, resulting successful smarter sound cancellation and much immersive sound,” according to nan merchandise description. The AirPods connection personalized spacial sound, speedy entree to Siri, up to 2 times much Active Noise Cancellation, up to six hours of listening clip without nan charging lawsuit and 30 hours pinch nan case. The AirPods Pro besides see 4 pairs of silicone tips (XS, S, M and L).

apple airpods pro premier time deal



AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds With H2 Chip

$199.99 $249.00 20% OFF

Apple’s, older 2nd procreation AirPods are marked down to $99 at Amazon and Walmart while, 3rd gen. AirPods (with H2 chip) are $159 astatine Amazon and $169.99 astatine Best Buy.  

Apple AirPods Max are usually $549 for a caller pair, but you tin find them on waste astatine Amazon successful a scope of colors. You tin besides acquisition AirPods Max astatine Walmart and Best Buy, although prices and readiness whitethorn alteration depending connected nan retailer.



Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds pinch Lightning Charging Case Included

$99.00 $159.00 38% OFF

The AirPods Pro are 1 of nan newer wireless earbuds successful nan AirPods family, and musicians are snapping them up acknowledgment to nan superb audio value (think: clear, crisp sound), and nan buds’ Active Noise Cancellation feature, which blocks retired exterior sound for a quieter, much focused listening session.

Traveling soon? AirPods Pro are besides awesome for travel, moving and moving out, pinch a sweat-resistant coating worthy considering. (They’re not wholly waterproof for illustration some earbuds, truthful you wouldn’t want to spell swimming successful them). Interchangeable silicone tips let you to find nan cleanable seal for your ears, and everything fits into a mini charging case, which now gets you up to 30 hours of artillery life earlier you request to plug in.

Apple is known for their high-tech and high-design products, and nan AirPods Pro are not only a instrumentality favorite, but an manufacture fave arsenic well. Need further proof? According to a recent report, AirPods Pro income exceeded 90 cardinal units during nan 2021 vacation season.

Get nan Apple AirPods Pro pinch H2 spot and double nan sound cancellation for $199.99. Another deal: The 2nd gen. AirPods are moreover cheaper, discounted correct now to just $99 astatine Amazon and Walmart and Target. You tin besides find them astatine Best Buy for $99.99. Note that nan regular AirPods won’t person nan Active Noise Cancellation technology, but each nan different features are there. See afloat waste specifications here.

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