Ariana Madix Makes More Bombshells Claims About Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss

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'Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix Says Tom And Raquel Had Sex In Guest Room ... While She Slept Nearby

5/24/2023 5:23 AM PT

Ariana Madix says Tom Sandoval cheated connected her pinch Raquel Leviss while they were each successful nan aforesaid location -- and moreover erstwhile Ariana was sleeping successful different room!!!

The "Vanderpump Rules" prima made nan stunning revelation successful her caller question and reply pinch big Alexandra Cooper connected nan "Call Her Daddy" podcast.

In Wednesday's episode, Ariana explains Tom -- her erstwhile fellow -- and Raquel -- her ex-best friend -- were sneaking astir down her backmost and jumping into nan sack pinch each other. And it was each secretly going connected arsenic nan 3 were filming 'VPR' this past season.

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Ariana put it for illustration this ... "They had activity successful my impermanent room while I was sleeping successful my ain furniture that he and I went to furniture successful together and past he near nan furniture and went to nan impermanent room and f***ed her."

Ariana besides addressed speculation she and Tom had an unfastened 9-year relationship. She said, "Honestly, I deliberation [that rumor] came from him," meaning Tom.

She added Tom ne'er told her they were not monogamous ... and, according to Ariana, they were still romantic, sleeping successful nan aforesaid furniture and going retired connected dates -- moreover connected Valentine's Day.

Then Ariana tackled Tom's declare he many times tried to put nan kibosh connected their relationship. She says nan 2 discussed calling it quits during an "hours-long" convo successful which she threatened to wantonness nan reality show, move retired of L.A. and deactivate her Instagram account.

And Ariana made 1 constituent abundantly clear ... she ne'er wanted to termination herself moreover though Tom claimed she threatened termination aft their breakup. She said, "I was saying that this life will beryllium complete for me, because I'll spell do thing else... I'm not talking astir physically harming myself."

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Together

Despite informing signs, Ariana admitted she ignored nan truth Tom was hanging retired much pinch friends astatine bars while she was sitting location alone.

She said, "I trusted successful him truthful much... that I trusted his position connected things, and I deliberation I was caught up. I'm a smart woman and I could person dug deeper, but I didn't."

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