Ariana Madix's 'Move' Was Staged Brand Deal, Still in House with Tom Sandoval

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Ariana Madix Still Living successful House pinch Tom ... 'Move' Was Staged for $$$

5/23/2023 10:37 AM PT

ariana madix

Ariana Madix is still surviving nether nan aforesaid tile arsenic her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval ... turns retired her "move" retired of their location was conscionable a clever measurement for her to make immoderate money disconnected nan "Scandoval."

Sources acquainted pinch nan business show TMZ ... Ariana has NOT moved out, arsenic it appeared yesterday, and that full segment pinch her carrying boxes retired of nan location was sponsored content.

ariana madix finances

The "Vanderpump Rules" prima pulled retired each nan stops Monday to make it look for illustration she was moving out of nan Valley Village location she shares pinch Tom ... she had a U-Haul motortruck parked successful nan driveway and she recruited immoderate friends to thief her move boxes.

Paparazzi snapped photos arsenic Ariana smiled while carrying boxes branded "finances" retired of nan location ... loading them successful nan U-Haul motortruck and a achromatic SUV.

Instagram / @arianamadix

Ariana moreover paused to relish nan infinitesimal pinch an upbeat selfie video connected Instagram, which she captioned, "ready to dip retired 😏."

But, Ariana has since revealed nan existent truth down it each -- she made consequent posts, first hinting ... and past revealing she was successful a furniture pinch a finance company.

Instagram / @arianamadix

In nan ad, Ariana says ... "I'm moving up, not out. Well not yet astatine least. It's clip to get my financial location successful order. I will person much to stock pinch you very very soon."

So, Ariana and Tom are still surviving successful nan location wherever they each ain 50 percent of nan spot ... though they're sleeping successful abstracted bedrooms and avoiding connection arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable successful nan aftermath of Tom's matter pinch their 'VPR' costar Raquel Leviss.

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