Athletics vs. Mariners prediction and odds for Tuesday, May 23 (Why the A’s are a live underdog

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May 12, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; Oakland Athletics near fielder Brent Rooker (25) rounds nan bases aft hitting a walkoff location tally against nan Texas Rangers during nan tenth inning astatine Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a agelong play of losing streaks and nan Oakland Athletics are already embarking connected different one. Last nighttime they fell to nan Seattle Mariners, 11-2, their 5th consecutive nonaccomplishment which leaves them astatine 10-39. That’s nan worst grounds successful nan MLB and nan A’s are large underdogs connected nan roadworthy successful Seattle again tonight.

Marco Gonzales will make nan commencement for nan Mariners tonight, his ninth of nan season. Gonzales is 3-1, but pinch a 6.10 ERA. The A’s will antagonistic pinch Luis Medina who has a 6.88 ERA and is 0-2 successful 3 starts.

Here are nan likelihood for Game 2 betwixt nan A’s and Mariners successful Seattle:

Athletics vs. Mariners odds, tally statement and total

Athletics vs. Mariners prediction and pick

The Oakland A’s are not a bully team, but they do 1 circumstantial point beautiful well, deed left-handed pitchers. Gonzales is not a peculiarly bully left-handed pitcher either, truthful nan A’s could beryllium fresh to person a large violative outpouring. Brent Rooker leads nan complaint for this lineup sloppy of who is connected nan mound, but peculiarly against lefties. He has a 1.108 OPS against left-handers pinch 5 location runs and he hits .318.

Rooker isn’t unsocial because Jesus Aguilar has a .995 OPS against lefties successful nan aforesaid number of at-bats arsenic Rooker pinch conscionable 1 little location run, 4. Aguilar is besides hitting .318 and getting connected guidelines astatine an complete .400 clip. Esteury Ruiz has nan astir at-bats against lefties and is hitting .327 pinch 5 doubles, a location tally and an .866 OPS. As a team, nan A’s are 14th successful OPS against lefties and 5th successful location runs.

It’s ne'er a awesome thought to stake connected a squad that only has 10 wins successful precocious May, but I deliberation coming is nan nighttime to do it. Can their pitching clasp up? Probably not, but astatine astir +200 odds, I for illustration nan A’s arsenic an underdog tonight.

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