Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber Engagement Rumors Buzz Online

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AUSTIN BUTLER, KAIA GERBER Engagement Rumors Swirl ... After He Helps Her Move

5/25/2023 10:59 AM PT

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber are each nan rage connected nan net correct now ... because there's a immense buzz astir a imaginable engagement.

There's tons of speculation online that nan "Elvis" prima whitethorn person popped nan mobility to his exemplary woman ... and it's a beautiful juicy rumor, which whitethorn person immoderate legs.

Austin and Kaia getting engaged isn't each that far-fetched ... they've been making love since December 2021 and he was precocious spotted helping her move into a caller home. It's unclear if Austin and Kaia are surviving location together, but they look to beryllium inseparable.

The rumors reached a caput Thursday erstwhile Deuxmoi claimed Austin projected to Kaia successful April and they've been keeping their engagement nether raps.

kaia gerber and austin butler

Before going nationalist pinch their narration astatine nan 2022 Met Gala successful New York City, Austin and Kaia reportedly jetted disconnected to Paris for Valentine's Day. They kissed for cameras astatine nan 2022 Cannes Film Festival and she was by his broadside successful January erstwhile he won a Golden Globe grant for his capacity successful "Elvis."

As we reported ... aft Austin's large movie went 0-for-8 astatine nan Oscars, he flew down to Los Cabos to lounge poolside pinch Kaia.

kaia gerber and austin butler

The pitchy mounting lovebirds went to nan Time100 gala past period successful nan Big Apple, but they haven't been photographed successful nationalist since April 27, which adds much intrigue.

Ya gotta wonderment if they are hanging backmost and readying a large announcement.

Stay tuned ...

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