BABYMONSTER Premieres Atop Hot Trending Songs Chart With ‘DREAM’

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The caller K-pop woman group sends its pre-debut azygous to No. 1.


BABYMONSTER is disconnected to a beardown commencement connected Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart, sending its pre-debut opus “DREAM” to No. 1 connected nan May 27-dated list.

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See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

“DREAM” debuted exclusively connected YouTube connected May 14, nan first merchandise from nan YG-signed K-pop seven-piece woman group.

The video has accumulated 32.9 cardinal world views connected arsenic of May 23.

An charismatic debut for BABYMONSTER is presently group for nan fall, but nary different charismatic specifications astir nan premiere are presently known.

“DREAM” debuts up of NewJeans personnel Danielle’s type of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, which bows astatine No. 2. Her rendition premiered May 17 and is nan Korean-language companion to Halle’s capacity successful nan English-language version of nan live-action film, group for a May 26 merchandise successful theaters.

TAEYONG starts astatine No. 3 pinch “SHALALA,” nan title way of nan NCT member’s mini medium of nan aforesaid name, planned for June 5, while Foo Fighters’ “Under You” and Lana Del Rey’s “Say Yes to Heaven” information retired nan apical five.

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