Bailey Zimmerman’s ‘Religiously’ Roars Onto Top Country Albums Chart

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The 16-song group simultaneously enters astatine No. 3, arsenic good arsenic nan Billboard 200 astatine No. 7.

Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman Chris Ashlee

Bailey Zimmerman scores his 2nd apical 10 connected some nan Top Country Albums and all-genre Billboard 200 charts dated May 27.

The singer-songwriter’s caller LP, Religiously. The Album., which was released May 12, bounds onto Top Country Albums astatine No. 3 and nan Billboard 200 astatine No. 7. It opens pinch 47,000 balanced medium units earned done May 18, according to Luminate, a play career-high for Zimmerman.

The medium follows his nine-song group Leave nan Light On, which debuted astatine Nos. 2 and 9, respectively (32,000 units), successful October 2022.

Religiously was produced Austin Shawn, and Zimmerman co-wrote 11 of its 16 songs. The first 2 singles, “Fall successful Love” and “Rock and a Hard Place,” topped nan Country Airplay floor plan for 1 and six weeks, respectively.

Zimmerman, 23, from Louisville, Ill., made history erstwhile “Rock” ruled Country Airplay for its sixth week, connected nan April 27-dated survey, arsenic he became nan first antheral creator to walk six weeks atop nan floor plan conscionable 2 aliases less promoted entries, successful a lead role, into a career. Only 1 different enactment wide has achieved nan feat: Carrie Underwood’s first promoted state single, “Jesus, Take nan Wheel,” dominated for six weeks successful January-February 2006.

Plus, connected nan multimetric Hot Country Songs floor plan dated Sept. 3, 2022, Zimmerman became nan first creator to spot 3 career-opening entries successful nan apical 10 simultaneously, since nan database began arsenic an all-encompassing genre ranking successful October 1958: “Rock and a Hard Place,” “Where It Ends” and “Fall successful Love.” Zimmerman’s existent azygous is nan caller set’s title track. On Hot Country Songs, it pushes 18-12 for a caller best, pinch 9.5 cardinal streams (up 34%) and 1,000 sold (up 36%). It leaps 40-29 connected Country Airplay, up 62% to 3.9 cardinal impressions

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