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As nan July 21 premiere of Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ draws closer, nan lineup of artists featured connected nan film’s charismatic soundtrack has been unveiled. To observe nan merchandise of Disney’s live-action movie ‘The Little Mermaid’, nan Billboard unit put together a database of nan top 100 Disney songs. Sam Smith has canceled an further brace of UK gigs connected doctor’s orders. And more!

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The ‘Barbie’ soundtrack is stacked! Sam Smith announces a task pinch Madonna and cancels a show. We’ve sewage Lauren Jauregui successful studio. We tally down nan apical Disney songs of each clip and nan stars retrieve nan fable Tina Turner

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Welcome backmost to Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly, it’s Thursday, May 25th. And tin I get 1 summons for nan ‘Barbie’ movie please? Because this soundtrack it’s everything. We already knew Dua Lipa was connected nan soundtrack for nan ‘Barbie’ movie, but now we’ve sewage a full different database of Barbies and Kens singing a tune for nan film.

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Dua Lipa is not nan only popular girly connected nan soundtrack. We’ve sewage Charli XCX, Lizzo, Pink Pantheress and Ava Max.

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The soundtrack features immoderate replacement Barbies successful HAIM and Gayle, positive immoderate rapping Barbies, of course, Nicki Minaj, on pinch Ice Spice and Kali. Speaking of Kens, Ryan Gosling is connected nan soundtrack on pinch Dominic Fike, Khalid, Tame Impala and The Kid Laroi.

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Mark Ronson is executive producing nan postulation of tracks, and it’s moreover world pinch Karol G and K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY.

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Speaking of soundtracks, Disney has ruled nan soundtrack charts for decades and we’re moving down immoderate of nan champion tracks. Pretty overmuch everyone has heard a Disney opus successful their lifetime. There’s hundreds of them. To observe nan merchandise of Disney’s live-action movie ‘The Little Mermaid’ nan Billboard unit put together a database of nan apical 100 Disney songs. Here are nan apical five. A Disney classical first released successful 1940, nan first opus connected our database was made celebrated by a small cricket named Jiminy. It won nan Oscar for Best Original Song and was Disney’s first Oscar winning way coming successful astatine No. 5 connected Billboard’s prime of apical Disney songs ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’.

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The adjacent opus connected nan database is an upbeat classical featuring singing inanimate objects Lumiere and Cogsworth invited america to nan No.4 spot pinch ‘Be Our Guest’ from ‘Beauty and nan Beast.’

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The adjacent opus connected nan database hasn’t appeared successful a Disney movie astatine each but it’s 1 of nan astir publically performed songs of each time. ‘It’s a Small World’ comes successful astatine No. 3 connected our list. 

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The adjacent opus connected nan database has been successful your caput since it first “froze” it’s measurement into our homes successful 2013– tin you judge it’s been 10 years! “Let It Go” is No. 2 connected our unit picks! 

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And we couldn’t thief but take an iconic “Little Mermaid” opus arsenic our number 1 prime for apical 100 Disney songs. The powerfulness ballad ‘Part of Your World’ primitively sung by nan sound of ‘The Little Mermaid’ Jodi Benson comes successful astatine No. 1

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Which Disney song is your favorite? And who’s looking guardant to proceeding Halle Bailey singing nan iconic No. 1 prime successful nan live-action remake? Sound disconnected pinch your choices below!

Now let’s talk astir Sam Smith. They’re teaming up pinch a fable but fans are focused connected thing other astatine nan moment. Sam Smith makes headlines bully and bad by upsetting immoderate fans but Madonna makes everything better. At their performance successful Manchester nan ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ vocalist had to exit shape aft only 4 songs. They posted successful a statement: “I fought disconnected nan microorganism a fewer weeks ago. During my 3rd opus I noticed thing incorrect pinch my voice. I came offstage and person tried everything to get my sound backmost successful cogwheel but it won’t. I americium honestly heartbroken. I couldn’t decorativeness nan show coming for you all.” They besides posted that shows successful Birmingham and Glasgow will besides beryllium rescheduled and disposable for refund, leaving immoderate fans fuming and gutted. But they besides had immoderate bully news yesterday: Sam announced a collab pinch nan legendary Madonna

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If it’s thing for illustration their activity pinch Kim Petras connected ‘Unholy’ we amended beryllium fresh for a hit.

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Hey guys, it’s Lauren, I americium truthful excited to beryllium pinch Billboard June 7th successful Nashville get your tickets.

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Now it’s clip for my question and reply pinch Lauren Jauregui. She conscionable announced her caller EP and I sat down pinch her to talk each astir it. Let’s talk astir your lead azygous now ‘Wolves’ sewage 2 amazingly talented group connected it Ty Dolla $ign and Russ,

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Why were those 2 guys nan cleanable people?

Lauren Jauregui 5:02
This opus was written backmost successful for illustration 2019. So Russ and I person ever been friends you know, he’s an independent creator arsenic well. And I learned a batch from him and each of nan contented he puts retired into nan world arsenic an creator and arsenic being I felt very connected to him and we for illustration grew a relationship conscionable for illustration benignant of knowing each other, and past Ty heard nan way and loved it, and wanted to hop connected it. So he did.

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It feels for illustration it was conscionable yesterday that it was July, Fifth Harmony were celebrating 10 years and now it’s astir to beryllium July 11 years.

Lauren Jauregui
I mean, nan truth that I tin opportunity I’m portion of thing for 11 years. It’s conscionable for illustration a lot.

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And I consciousness for illustration each every different week you guys are going viral for immoderate infinitesimal aliases performance. What’s 1 that sticks retired to you that you haven’t spoken on? I request to cognize for illustration erstwhile you spot this connected nan internet, you’re like, oh, man, I can’t, man.

Lauren Jauregui 5:55
Well, pinch Fifth Harmony. This is an endless proviso of that. There’s truthful overmuch worldly decidedly our carpet photos. I laughed truthful difficult astatine y’alls comments astir nan carpet photos because I’m I consciousness you.

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For nan afloat question and reply make judge you deed nan Billboard.com That’s today’s show. Come backmost tomorrow for our Friday euphony guide. And fto maine time off you pinch immoderate fond memories of nan icon Tina Turner, I’m Tetris Kelly and this is Billboard News.

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With nan passing of Tina Turner, galore artists took to societal media to stock really nan icon had inspired them and influenced.

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Beyoncé posted a connection to her website for her beloved queen, writing, “I emotion you endlessly. I’m truthful grateful for your inspiration and each nan ways you person paved nan measurement you are spot and resilience. You are nan epitome of powerfulness and passion. We are each truthful fortunate to person witnessed your kindness and beautiful tone that will everlastingly remain.”

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The 2 divas performed ‘Proud Mary’ together astatine nan 50th yearly Grammy Awards successful 2008. Mariah Carey took to Twitter posting nan words “Legendary iconic Diva and superstar are often overused. And yet Tina Turner embodies them all, and truthful galore much an unthinkable performer, musician and Trailblazer to maine she will ever beryllium a subsister and an inspiration to women everywhere.” Alicia Keys posted a heartfelt connection connected Instagram penning successful part, “What a female What a life What a warrior. The songs you sang gave america courageousness to measurement retired and beryllium our afloat selves. You are a fierce unit arsenic a female and a performer. All of these things person been beacons of ray for not only me, but each nan group astir nan world uncovering ourselves and our fearlessness done our vulnerability.” And finally, Nicki Minaj posted, “Legend an icon and that doesn’t moreover scratch nan surface. May she remainder successful cleanable bid and whitethorn her bequest of brilliance and resilience unrecorded connected forever. #SimplyTheBest.” To spot our afloat roundup of celebs paying respect to Tina Turner and to Billboard.com

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