Best NBA prop bets today for Celtics vs. Heat Game 4 (Fade Jaylen Brown)

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May 11, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Boston Celtics defender Jaylen Brown warms up earlier crippled six of nan 2023 NBA playoffs against nan Philadelphia 76ers astatine Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are connected nan verge of a expanse successful nan Eastern Conference Finals, and their domiciled players person dominated nan Boston Celtics successful nan series.

I person 2 prop plays for Heat domiciled guys, arsenic good arsenic a prop for Celtics prima Jaylen Brown, who has struggled mightily successful his past 10 playoff games.

Let’s break down nan picks pinch Boston’s play connected nan line:

Celtics vs. Heat champion NBA prop bets

  • Gabe Vincent OVER 11.5 Points
  • Jaylen Brown UNDER 23.5 Points
  • Max Strus OVER 11.5 Points

Gabe Vincent OVER 11.5 Points

Gabe Vincent went disconnected successful Game 3, shooting 11-for-14 from nan section connected his measurement to a 29-point game. It was Vincent’s 4th 20-point crippled of nan playoffs, and he’s averaging complete 12 points per crippled successful nan postseason.

Outside of a fewer down games against nan Knicks, Vincent has been beautiful accordant clearing this prop 7 different times, including doubly successful this series.

He’s going to spot plentifulness of run, truthful I for illustration Vincent to enactment basking astatine location successful Game 4.

Jaylen Brown UNDER 23.5 Points

Jaylen Brown has struggled since nan commencement of nan 2nd round, clearing this number conscionable 3 times successful 10 games and shooting terribly successful nan Eastern Conference Finals.

Brown is shooting conscionable 37.7 percent from nan section and 10.0 percent from 3 against nan Heat, and I don’t expect him to move that astir connected nan roadworthy facing elimination.

The All-NBA helping is averaging conscionable 21.0 points per crippled complete his past 10. Don’t autumn into nan trap and stake nan OVER.

Max Strus OVER 11.5 Points

Prior to Game 2 of this series, Max Strus had cleared this statement successful six consecutive contests.

He vanished Game 2 pinch 11 points and Game 3 pinch 10 points, but I deliberation he’s owed for a bounce-back showing successful Game 4.

Strus took less than 10 shots for nan first clip successful 7 games successful Game 2, past only took 9 shots successful Game 3 because Miami won successful a blowout.

If nan usage returns to wherever it was earlier this postseason, this is simply a worth statement for nan Heat sharpshooter.

Game likelihood refresh periodically and are taxable to change.

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