Black Patients Less Likely to Get Treatment for Opioid Overdose

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By Dennis Thompson 

HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, May 11, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Medications that dainty opioid addiction and forestall overdose deaths are drastically under-prescribed successful nan United States, peculiarly for Black patients, a caller study has found.

Disabled group connected Medicare are not apt to beryllium prescribed either buprenorphine – nan champion medicine for treating opioid addiction – aliases naloxone (Narcan), a supplier that tin reverse a life-threatening overdose, researchers study successful nan May 10 rumor of nan New England Journal of Medicine.

Further, Black Americans are moreover little apt than whites to person these meds pursuing a aesculapian arena that intelligibly indicates nan diligent has opioid usage disorder, said lead interrogator Dr. Michael Barnett, an subordinate professor of wellness argumentation and guidance astatine nan Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health successful Boston.

“We recovered that achromatic patients were astir 80% much apt to get immoderate curen aft 1 of these cardinal events than Black patients,” Barnett said. “We were peculiarly amazed astatine really debased nan rates of curen were, fixed nan benignant of precocious level of request and precocious consequence successful this peculiar population.”

For nan study, Barnett and his colleagues analyzed claims information for much than 23,000 abnormal group 18 and older covered by Medicare betwixt 2016 and 2019.

This group is disproportionately affected by opioid addiction, pinch immoderate estimates suggesting they correspond 1 successful 4 opioid overdoses successful nan United States, researchers said successful inheritance notes.

The researchers looked for events that would person brought a person’s opioid usage upset to nan attraction of a wellness master – an overdose, a hospitalization for supplier use-related infection aliases detox care, for example.

They past assessed whether nan diligent received a medicine for buprenorphine aliases naloxone wrong six months of that event.

Results showed that only 23% of achromatic patients, 19% of Hispanic patients and 13% of Black patients received a buprenorphine prescription.

Buprenorphine is “a medicine that is known to beryllium beautiful effective, and yet crossed nan populations identified successful nan study, medicine rates are conscionable beautiful abysmal generally,” said Christine Khaikin, a elder wellness argumentation lawyer for nan Legal Action Center, an defense group for building wellness equity.

The rates were likewise debased for naloxone – 23% for whites, 21% for Hispanics and 14% for Blacks.

Buprenorphine medicine rates could person been dampened by regulations that astatine nan clip restricted who could prescribe nan curen drug, Barnett noted. Those restrictions were precocious lifted.

But for naloxone, “which has nary specified restrictions astatine all, we saw fundamentally disparities of nan nonstop aforesaid magnitude,” Barnett said. “There’s nary logic why clinicians shouldn’t beryllium prescribing this medicine to group pinch overdoses, yet we saw a immense spread betwixt achromatic and Black.”

“And not only that, moreover though there’s a large spread betwixt achromatic and Black, nan wide rates of group receiving immoderate buprenorphine aliases naloxone were highly low,” Barnett added.

What’s worse, patients identified pinch opioid addiction were much apt to beryllium prescribed benzodiazepines -- narcotics typically utilized to dainty worry that tin dramatically summation consequence of overdose erstwhile utilized pinch opioids.

About 37% of whites, 30% of Hispanics and 23% of Blacks were prescribed benzodiazepines wrong six months of an opioid-related wellness event, results show.

Researchers ruled retired location differences and patients’ entree to aesculapian attraction arsenic imaginable explanations for nan wellness inequities they uncovered, Barnett said.

“What we recovered present was that, arsenic you would expect successful a reasonably sick organization of folks pinch disability, white, Black and Hispanic patients were each seeing doctors rather frequently, including emergency visits and agency visits pinch intelligence wellness and superior attraction providers,” Barnett said. “Yet, you're still seeing this immense disparity.”

One imaginable mentation mightiness beryllium nan disjointed quality of American wellness care, Barnett said. He noted that a caller study of nan VA wellness strategy recovered overmuch little disparity betwixt whites and Blacks successful curen for opioid addiction – connected nan bid of 42% versus 39%.

“To me, that suggests that possibly there's thing astir nan consistency and shared providers utilized by veterans that mightiness beryllium much of an equalizer than nan very fragmented and segregated wellness attraction strategy that whites and Blacks prosecute pinch successful different settings,” Barnett said.

The stigma surrounding opioid addiction besides could play a factor, Barnett said.

“There's conscionable tremendous amounts of stigma astir opioid usage upset that make providers uninterested successful treating these patients, and makes patients consciousness for illustration they're undeserving of curen aliases that they don't want to show others astir it,” Barnett said.

The criminalization of addiction done America’s warfare connected narcotics added to that stigma, Khaikin said. Blacks are little apt to spot doctors and activity attraction because there’s a existent consequence they’ll upwind up down bars.

“There is apt to beryllium a criminal consequence to group of colour who acquisition opioid usage disorder,” Khaikin said. “We are still very overmuch treating group pinch constituent usage disorders pinch a criminal response, and that needs to change.”

The United States needs to dramatically rethink its attack to opioid usage disorder, treating it arsenic an unwellness alternatively than a crime aliases a weakness successful character, Barnett said.

“Health attraction providers request to consciousness that addiction is very communal and it's thing that they should beryllium capable to treat,” Barnett said. “It's portion of what it intends to beryllium a clinician. It's not personification else's job.”

The National Institute connected Drug Abuse and nan National Institute connected Aging funded nan study.

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SOURCES: Michael Barnett, MD, subordinate professor, wellness argumentation and management, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Christine Khaikin, elder wellness argumentation attorney, Legal Action Center; New England Journal of Medicine, May 10, 2023


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