BLACKPINK Kicks It Old School in Adidas ‘Home of Classics’ Campaign: Here’s What’s Still in Stock

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After headlining Coachella past month, BLACKPINK switched from euphony to fashion to prima successful Adidas‘ latest campaign titled “Home of Classics.”

Announced successful early May, nan run features photos of nan K-pop woman group decked retired successful nan newest outfits from Adidas’ Originals line. Adidas Korea besides posted solo photos of each BLACKPINK member including this stunning changeable of Lisa posted connected Instagram connected Monday (May 22).

In summation to nan photograph campaign, BLACKPINK stars successful an Adidas Korea commercial, which was released connected May 9. “Welcome to our home,” says Jennie astatine nan commencement of nan commercial. “A spot pinch nary rules,” adds Jisoo.



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See latest videos, charts and news

“Just beryllium yourself and person fun,” says Lisa while Rosé adds, “Be loud! We don’t person neighbors.”

Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo tin beryllium seen sporting either Adidas Superstar aliases Forum styles successful nan campaign, putting an accent connected really to move streetwear and athleisure into casual, mundane looks. The classical sneakers person been astir for years, but you tin get snag nan nonstop style and shadiness nan woman group wears.

We rounded up nan remaining styles from nan run for you to grab. Check beneath to shop BLACKPINK-approved sneakers and clothes.

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Shop nan BLACKPINK and Adidas ‘Home of Originals’ Campaign


Adidas Superstar Shoes


As a timeless creation from nan apparel brand, it’s nary astonishment that nan Superstar Shoes would gain a spot connected half of nan woman group’s feet. The style comes pinch nan iconic 3 striped logo and a leather precocious and cushioned footbed that’ll swaddle your feet successful each time comfort.


Adidas Forum Bold Shoes


Act fast! There are only a fewer sizes of nan Forum Bold sneaker near astatine For a larger selection, cheque retired retailers for illustration Nordstrom, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon.


Adidas Gazelle Bold Shoes


Add immoderate tallness to your look pinch Adidas’ Gazelle Bold Shoes. The stylish sneakers are almost sold retired successful black-and-white but they’re disposable successful six different colors including protector red/cloud white, existent pink/lucid bluish and grey/cloud white.


Adidas Forum Low Shoes


It’s breathtaking to spot BLACKPINK donning nan Forum Low Shoes arsenic they’re besides beloved by Adidas fans. The sneaker, comes pinch a higher apical — dissimilar nan debased precocious of nan classical tennis sneaker. There’s besides an adjustable velcro strap crossed nan beforehand to make them other cozy and secure.


Adidas Adicolor Neuclassics Track Pants


From sneakers to threads. These Adidas way pants are serving style and comfortableness — because, yes, you tin person both. They’re made from 70% recycled fabric and person a wide-leg fresh to support your legs cool yet comfy.


Adidas Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Short Wrapping Skirt


Air retired your legs this summertime and waste and acquisition your denim shorts for Adidas’ soft wrapping skirt. The beforehand features a threat creation for added sleekness truthful you tin deterioration it connected nan tribunal aliases retired connected nan municipality it’s that versatile.


Adidas Adicolor Neuclassics Shorts


The Adicolor Neuclassics Shorts takes a modern attack pinch diversion apparel infusing it pinch a spot of thoroughfare style. One limb features nan notable Adidas striped logo while nan navy bluish worldly has a subtle radiance making it consciousness chic yet sporty.

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