Blake Shelton & Former ‘The Voice’ Producer Lee Metzger Launch TV Production Company

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The duo is expanding their collaboration pursuing nan occurrence of their title TV series, Barmageddon.

Blake Shelton and Lee Metzger

Blake Shelton and Lee Metzger Steve Lopez

As Blake Shelton winds down his 23-season domiciled arsenic a coach connected The Voice, he’s acold from vanished pinch TV and different contented initiatives.

Shelton has teamed pinch showrunner Lee Metzger to shape nan caller accumulation institution Lucky Horseshoe Productions, pursuing nan occurrence of their collaboration connected nan TV bid Barmageddon. With nan accumulation company, Shelton and Metzger purpose to bring their imaginative imagination to a scope of projects successful different genres and crossed various platforms.

Shelton and Metzger, a four-time Emmy Award-winning showrunner, met connected The Voice wherever Metzger was an executive shaper for 13 seasons. Metzger besides antecedently served arsenic executive shaper and showrunner for HBO Max’s Legendary. Metzger besides wrote, directed and produced nan podcast adjustment of Stephen King’s Strawberry Spring, which he is presently adapting arsenic a characteristic film.

Shelton and Metzger past collaborated connected nan title bid Barmageddon, which is group successful Shelton’s barroom Ole Red and hosted by Shelton, Carson Daly and WWE prima Nikki Garcia.

“I’m excited to partner pinch my longtime friend and imaginative rainmaker Lee Metzger,” Shelton said successful a statement. “He was 1 of nan first group I met astatine The Voice and we’re enjoying moving together presently connected Barmageddon. We’ve ever been successful sync connected ideas and projects that liking and excite us. So agelong arsenic Lee doesn’t screw this up, it’s going to beryllium great.”

“Over nan years of moving pinch Blake, we’ve created immoderate unthinkable TV moments, now pinch nan occurrence of Barmageddon, we’ve realized we person a imaginative constituent of position that an assemblage loves to watch,” said Metzger. “I’m looking guardant to producing our ain marque of intermezo and years of occurrence pinch Blake. Besides, now that he’s near The Voice, it’s not for illustration he has thing amended to do.”

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