Blake Shelton Roasted to a Crisp By Former ‘The Voice’ Coaches: ‘We Obviously Know You’re Not an Amazing Dancer’

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Usher called him an astonishing coach connected Tuesday night's play finale, but 1 who someway has 3 near feet.

Blake Shelton connected 'The Voice' Finale.

Blake Shelton connected 'The Voice' Finale. Tyler Golden/NBC

Over nan people of 23 seasons connected The Voice, Blake Shelton proved he could return a joke. But could he take, like, 100 of them successful a row? On Tuesday night’s (May 23) play finale, Shelton sewage mercilessly roasted by immoderate of his astir celebrated chap ex-Voice coaches successful a sweet-and-salty video that served arsenic a going distant coming connected his last episode.

The country vocalist who was nan past remaining OG Voice chair-turner was fixed a due roast during nan action-packed grande finale that saw Team Niall vocalist Gina Miles hoist nan trophy astatine night’s end. It opened pinch play 11 and 13 coach Miley Cyrus doubting Shelton was superior astir signing off.

“Is this for illustration nan Elton thing, wherever he’ll person his last play 5 times and I make six of these videos? Blake, are you pulling an Elton?” Cyrus said successful nan pre-recorded video tribute. One of his astir caller chairmates, Chance nan Rapper, took it a measurement further, razzing Shelton for ne'er letting america hide that he was hanging it up.

“Wow, I cannot judge it’s your past season,” nan MC said. “Even though you mentioned it each day.” Some different erstwhile formed members had nosy teasing nan 46-year-old state icon complete his age, pinch Camila Cabello referring to him arsenic “my saccharine abuelo [grandfather] Blake” and Horan calling him “pops.”

Two-timer Usher marveled astatine Blake’s 23-season run, joking that he wasn’t moreover judge “how you tin portion that overmuch liquor” arsenic nan camera turned to a changeable of Shelton hollering and raising his tumbler to nan sky. “We each cognize that you were an astonishing coach,” he added. “We evidently cognize you’re not an astonishing dancer.” Cue nan footage of Usher trying desperately to thatch Shelton immoderate benignant of passable move.

It wasn’t each jokes, though. Nine-time coach Kelly Clarkson said, “23 seasons, that’s a batch of life you’ve fixed this show,” while Pharrell dropped nan knowledge that The Voice was really a state show. In fact, he said, it was “the Blake Shelton show” arsenic nan video trim to a clip of Blake gamely putting connected a Harry Potter sorting hat.

Legendarily bully feline John Legend zinged Shelton for “not always” telling nan truth connected nan show, but adding that he was “forever grateful that I sewage to beryllium connected The Voice pinch you. And I’m proud to telephone you my friend.”

CeeLo Green acknowledged that Shelton was nan past remaining original coach retired of himself, Christina Aguilera and Blake’s longtime show frenemy, Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine. Pharrell noted that nan slow-boil bromance and back-and-forth betwixt Shelton and Levine “every day, made my days.”

In each seriousness, though, Cyrus said it was “such an honor” to beryllium adjacent to nan “Happy Anywhere” singer. “I’m wholly lying,” she admitted. “It was really a nightmare.” Nick Jonas doubled down, snarking that nine-time victor Shelton would do “whatever it takes” to travel retired connected apical amid a montage successful which he was shown wearing a cape and crown and cuddling an adorable puppy to sway voters. “I cognize heavy down we’re really friends… astatine slightest I deliberation we are,” Jonas joked.

Getting serious, Clarkson told Blake she’s alert that she ever “gives you crap,” but said he is, without a doubt, “the top coach to ever beryllium connected this show.” The saccharine montage ended pinch nan coaches sharing their emotion for Shelton and wishing him well. Reba McEntire will beryllium Shelton’s replacement opening pinch this fall’s 24th season.

Check retired nan Blake roast below.

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