'Brady Bunch' House Up For Sale, HGTV Flipping It for $5.5 Million

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'Brady Bunch' HGTV Flipping Iconic Pad for $5.5 Mil ... Identical TV Interior!!!

5/24/2023 10:13 AM PT

Here's nan communicative astir nan location of nan Bradys ... 1 that's backmost connected nan marketplace decades aft it was featured connected "The Brady Bunch," and acknowledgment to HGTV, it now looks precisely for illustration nan location ya grew up watching.

The iconic North Hollywood, CA pad is now up for waste pinch a value tag of $5.5 cardinal ... and nan property's been transformed into a replica of nan sitcom's set, pursuing HGTV's acquisition backmost successful 2018.

You'll recall, nan transmission bought it for $3.5M for its series, "A Very Brady Renovation."

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, moving alongside a fistful of the OG Brady cast, made nan interior nan spitting image of nan sets wherever they changeable nan sitcom -- and that meant chipping successful astir $2 mil for nan renovations, including adding an full 2nd floor.

If ya cognize 'Brady Bunch,' you'll cognize that was money good spent -- because it seems almost each item from nan deed show made its measurement into nan building ... including that memorable floating staircase, a saccharine den, and moreover nan kids' Jack-n-Jill bathroom!

Outside, folks tin find a plaything set, teeter-totter, and moreover bully ol' Tiger's canine house.

brady bunch

For those unaware, ABC only utilized 11222 Dilling Street for exterior shots of nan Brady home, pinch a mostly of accumulation going down connected a soundstage ... truthful moreover though it was conscionable a normal location wrong astatine nan time, it's lookin' image fresh now!

HGTV's readying connected utilizing a information of nan proceeds to supply up to 250K meals for nan Turn Up! Fight Hunger inaugural -- which helps kids crossed nan state impacted by hunger.

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