Brandi Carlile to Receive NMPA’s 2023 Songwriter Icon Award

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Carlile will beryllium honored astatine nan NMPA yearly gathering successful June, which will besides characteristic a keynote by Warner Music Group CEO Robert Kyncl.

Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile Neil Krug

Brandi Carlile will person nan National Music Publishers’ Association’s (NMPA) Songwriter Icon Award astatine nan 2023 yearly meeting, nan statement announced Tuesday (May 23). The state and people legend, nine-time Grammy winner, and Billboard cover prima will subordinate nan likes of different bold-faced artists for illustration Lin-Manuel Miranda and Taylor Swift successful receiving nan honor.

The NMPA yearly meeting, which takes spot astatine Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall connected June 14, will characteristic a keynote speech pinch Warner Music Group CEO Robert Kyncl, who antecedently served arsenic main business serviceman astatine YouTube. Additionally, nan statement will grant RIAA chairman/CEO Mitch Glazier pinch nan NMPA Industry Legacy Award, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois pinch nan NMPA President’s Award for his activity connected passing nan Music Modernization Act and nan CASE Act, and Ashley Gorley pinch nan first-ever NMPA Non-Performing Songwriter Icon Award.

Gorley precocious graced nan No. 1 spot connected Billboard’s Hot 100 Songwriters floor plan acknowledgment to his galore contributions to Morgan Wallen‘s One Thing astatine a Time. Among nan 12 tracks he co-wrote is nan existent Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 opus “Last Night.” Beyond his latest activity pinch Wallen, Gorley is responsible for galore of Nashville’s biggest hits, including 96 Hot 100 entries, making love backmost to his first pinch Carrie Underwood (“Don’t Forget to Remember Me”) successful 2006. In a statement, NMPA president/CEO David Israelite called Gorley “easily nan astir successful songwriter successful state music. His power comes from honing influences from hip-hop to stone and incorporating them into his unsocial style. He is responsible for widening and increasing nan full genre.”

The NMPA yearly gathering is an arena known some arsenic a captious touch guidelines for euphony publishing professionals and arsenic a shape for bombshell announcements from Israelite and his team. At nan 2021 event, for example, Israelite announced a $200 cardinal copyright infringement lawsuit against Roblox for hosting a room of thousands of unlicensed songs wrong nan crippled and besides said nan statement would push guardant pinch efforts to unafraid euphony licenses for Twitch — which nan NMPA was capable to make headway connected a fewer months later. And astatine past year’s meeting, Israelite shared that nan NMPA would beryllium pursuing apps that skim euphony from integer services without getting nan basal licenses. This run to bring apps successful statement pinch euphony licensors included sending cease and desist notices to nan Apple and Google app stores and filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against nan euphony video-making app Vinkle.

This year, nan NMPA hints that its “State of nan Industry” reside “will analyse nan caller streaming rates which precocious went into effect.” The evening of nan reside will besides characteristic astonishment tribute performances, panels and analyses.

In a connection astir Carlile, Israelite said nan singer-songwriter is “in a people of her own. A captious occurrence who has go a taste and commercialized force, she consistently has delivered stunning lyrics and vocals that trim to nan bosom of nan quality experience. We are thrilled to observe what she has fixed and continues to springiness to nan trade of songwriting.”

Israelite added astir keynote speaker Kyncl, “From Netflix to YouTube to Warner, Robert Kyncl’s profession encompasses nan astir move facets of nan intermezo industry. As we tackle nan questions surrounding streaming and AI successful an ever-changing landscape, we look guardant to proceeding his thoughts connected nan worth of euphony and nan ever-evolving opportunities for songwriters, artists, and creators.”

He continued by praising Glazier’s “inexhaustible activity to protect artists. For years we person worked together to find communal crushed and merge our manufacture to look our biggest challenges — from piracy to AI — and nary 1 is much deserving of our Industry Legacy Award.”

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