Bilal Coulibaly, NBA Draft (Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images)

Bilal Coulibaly, NBA Draft (Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images)

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Jett Howard (Syndication: Detroit Free Press)

The Brooklyn Nets person back-to-back picks successful nan first information of nan 2023 NBA Draft. What are nan champion realistic outcomes? 

The Brooklyn Nets began past play successful nan contenders circle. Then, astatine nan waste and acquisition deadline, they sent Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to nan Western Conference, closing nan doorway connected immoderate hopes of contiguous contention but not rather embracing a full-on rebuild.

Led by Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and Nic Claxton, nan Nets still managed to declare nan sixth seed successful nan NBA playoffs. A first information exit to nan Sixers — a sweep, nary little — surely poked holes successful nan roster, but it’s clear Brooklyn has nary volition of bottoming out. That attack is sensible erstwhile 1 considers that Brooklyn doesn’t really power its contiguous draught future, having traded astir of their ain picks to Houston for James Harden.

With nan No. 21 and 22 picks successful nan upcoming NBA Draft, nan Nets person a chance to adhd 2 much contributors to a heavy roster. The Nets person astir of their squad nether statement for adjacent season, but a fewer notable names — Cam Johnson, Seth Curry, Yuta Watanabe — are group to deed free agency. Which imaginable combinations would correspond nan champion result connected draught night?

Perfect NBA Draft combinations for nan Brooklyn Nets:

3. Jett Howard and Andre Jackson Jr.

Son of Michigan caput coach and erstwhile NBA All-Star Juwan Howard, it didn’t return Jett Howard agelong to cement his spot connected first-round draught boards. Early successful nan season, he moreover seemed destined for lottery status. While protect concerns person since tanked his stock, Howard would beryllium a tremendous worth prime for nan Nets successful nan early 20s.

At 6-foot-8, Howard provides a compelling operation of positional size and measurement shooting connected nan wing. He’s 1 of nan champion 3-point shooters successful nan draft, comfortable moving disconnected of screens aliases moving retired of DHOs. He doesn’t create overmuch for others, but Howard showed imaginable attacking closeouts and creating his ain looks person to nan handbasket astatine Michigan. He’s 1 of nan much polished violative weapons connected nan committee and he should beryllium fresh to lend connected time one.

Andre Jackson is likewise fresh to measurement successful and gain minutes. He played a cardinal domiciled successful UConn’s nationalist title run, supplying nan Huskies pinch frenetic defense and valuable connective playmaking. Jackson doesn’t people nan shot much, but he’s a bursty jock who loves to tally nan level and group up teammates. His processing velocity and knack for winning plays should lead to a agelong early arsenic a domiciled player. Getting a productive chair portion successful nan 20s would beryllium a monolithic triumph for Brooklyn.

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