Bryan Kohberger Not Guilty Plea Entered in Idaho Student Murders Case

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Bryan Kohberger Not Guilty Plea Entered In Idaho Student Murders

5/22/2023 9:27 AM PT

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Bryan Kohberger has officially pled not blameworthy successful his quadruple execution lawsuit successful which he’s accused of sidesplitting 4 University of Idaho students past twelvemonth ... a plea that was entered by default arsenic he chose to "stand silent" to nan execution charges.

Kohberger was successful tribunal Monday greeting successful an Idaho courtroom wherever he was arraigned connected 4 counts of first-degree murder.

Kohberger answered "yes" to nan judge arsenic he publication statements astir authorities and identity, but erstwhile it came clip to officially participate a plea, Kohberger's lawyer said they'd "stand silent" -- truthful nan judge entered a default "not guilty" plea.


Last week, a expansive assemblage indicted Kohberger for nan murders arsenic good arsenic 1 count of burglary. If convicted, he could look nan decease punishment ... although, prosecutors person not announced whether they will beryllium seeking it.

After his arrest, nan judge ordered Kohberger held without bail up of his trial.

Remembering Slain Idaho Students

As we've reported, Kohberger's being accused of sneaking into nan off-campus location of nan University of Idaho students ... and sidesplitting Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle.

A hunt for nan slayer went connected for weeks earlier Kohberger was eventually arrested successful December astatine his parents' location adjacent Scranton, PA. Police had asked nan nationalist to beryllium connected nan lookout for a achromatic Hyundai Elantra that belonged to him.

Investigators later revealed they were basking connected Kohberger's tail for respective weeks, saying they had a description of him from 1 of nan surviving victims -- not to mention compartment telephone records that showed him connected nan move nan nighttime of nan killings.

They besides opportunity they recovered some of his DNA connected a leather sheath recovered astatine nan crime scene.

According to a hunt warrant, Kohberger had knives, a gun, masks, and gloves successful his family's Pennsylvania location erstwhile nan FBI searched nan place. Authorities besides opportunity they recovered different weapon and a shovel successful his car.


Recently released body cam footage showed Kohberger talking his measurement retired of a summons conscionable 1 period earlier the murders. What makes nan video eerie is ... constabulary judge he was already targeting nan students astatine that time.

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