Can a new way to recycle cars create a circular motor industry?

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What looks for illustration a accumulation statement successful a UK scrapyard is really taking cars isolated alternatively than building them – portion of efforts to create a much sustainable car industry

By Graham Lawton

A car astatine nan Charles Trent scrapyard

Cars astatine nan Charles Trent scrapyard get disassembled connected a accumulation line, for amended recycling of parts

Rich Pearce Photography

I’m not overmuch of a petrolhead and I person ne'er taken a car to pieces before, but location is simply a first clip for everything. I don my gloves, grip a powerfulness instrumentality and get to work. After a spot of huffing and puffing, 1 of nan doors comes off, and is spirited distant by an overhead hoist.

I americium astatine a car breakers’ gait successful Poole, UK, to witnesser nan cutting separator of …

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