Cardi B Asks ‘Drag Race’ Stars Violet Chachki & Gottmik to Direct Her Next Music Video

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The superstar rapper mixed immoderate cocktails pinch nan resistance queens Monday nighttime successful L.A. to present her caller lime Whipshots flavor.

Violet Chachki, Cardi B, and Gottmik

(L-R) Violet Chachki, Cardi B, and Gottmik speak arsenic Whipshots presents Summer Cocktails pinch Cardi astatine The Bungalow connected May 22, 2023 successful Santa Monica, Calif. Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Starco Brands

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We don’t cognize erstwhile Cardi B will merchandise caller music, but we do cognize who she wants to beryllium down nan cameras for her adjacent video.

At a backstage statement astatine The Bungalow successful Santa Monica, Calif., connected Monday night, Cardi B introduced a caller summer-ready lime spirit to her Whipshots boozy whipped-cream statement — and she wasn’t unsocial down nan bar. The superstar rapper invited RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Violet Chachki (season 7 winner) and Gottmik (season 13 runner-up) to operation immoderate cocktails pinch her, including a Cardi-rita topped pinch lime Whipshots.

Cardi took nan opportunity pinch nan queens to do a small business. “Can I inquire you guys something?” Cardi said to nan pair. “Can you guys nonstop my euphony video?”

The brace were decidedly game. “Bi—, I would salary you to nonstop it!” Chachki changeable back. “That would beryllium my dream job!”

“Are you kidding me?” Gottmik chimed in, grabbing connected to Cardi’s Pucci-bodysuited waist. “The measurement we’re going to cinch this small waist moreover smaller!”

“I emotion you guys,” Cardi added. “You guys are truthful creative, truthful amazing. And I really want you to nonstop my euphony video.”

“Y’all heard that, right?” Chachki confirmed, making judge nan infinitesimal was captured connected video.

When Cardi first joined nan Bungalow crowd, she explained why she decided to squad up pinch Starco Brands connected Whipshots, which celebrated trading 2 cardinal cans of nan alcoholic whipped pick backmost successful March.

“I retrieve erstwhile we were discussing this merchandise during nan pandemic, I conscionable knew it was going to work,” she said. “I mean, who doesn’t for illustration whipped cream? I thought it was sexy and nosy for illustration me. I’m conscionable a fun-ass bi—.”

About nan caller lime flavor, Cardi added: “I dream you guys bask this flavor. It’s really cute. It tastes for illustration Fruity Pebbles to me. But it’s strong, don’t get it twisted. This ain’t your f—ing Fruity Pebbles!”

It remains to beryllium seen erstwhile Cardi will merchandise her adjacent medium — which will beryllium her first since her debut project, 2018’s Invasion of Privacy. Since then, she dropped nan four-week Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 “WAP” pinch Megan Thee Stallion successful 2020, positive her solo chart-topper “Up” successful 2021. She besides teamed up pinch GloRilla connected nan Hot 100 apical 10 “Tomorrow 2” precocious past year.

Watch Cardi make her measurement done nan Bungalow crowd below:

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