Cardi B Proves Daughter Kulture’s School Lunches Are ‘Everything’ & Fans Agree

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Cardi B is coming to cod her mother of nan twelvemonth grant — and she has nan pictures to beryllium she’s deserving of nan title. On Tuesday, nan “Bodak Yellow” rapper took to Twitter to stock a look astatine her girl Kulture’s meals for schoolhouse lunch, prompting fans to inquire if she tin prevention them a plate.

“Kulture schoolhouse luncheon beryllium everything,” Cardi captioned a photograph of respective of Kulture’s meals, which see chickenhearted nuggets, macaroni & food and broccoli pinch berries connected nan side, cuts of caller corn, ziti pasta, crackers and drawstring food and more.

Inquiring minds wanted to know: “If this is schoolhouse lunch, what does her meal and supper look like?” 1 instrumentality asked, to which Cardi replied pinch a photograph of Kulture eating pancakes pinch caller consequence and shredded chickenhearted pinch broccoli, maize and babe carrots connected nan side. “Not Kulture retired present eating amended than me,” 1 instrumentality wrote successful nan replies, while different hilariously added, “Girl I’m your kid too, muva. Where’s my breakfast?”

The family update comes connected nan heels of different food-related endeavor for nan rapper. While astatine a Monday arena to unveil a caller lime spirit of her vodka-infused Whipshots, Cardi revealed to Rolling Stone: “You guys tin expect a batch from maine this summer. I promise.”

Cardi antecedently said successful a Twitter video that moving connected euphony complete nan past fewer years and readying to circuit has been difficult, and her kids are portion of nan logic why. “I consciousness for illustration I person gotten excessively comfortable because, you cognize — I’m conscionable a mom, and I do person anxiety. I’ve been having a batch of worry because I cognize correct aft I driblet my album, I person to spell retired connected tour, and I person bad separation anxiety from my kids,” she said backmost successful December.

See photos of Kulture’s luncheon below.

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