Cardi B Shows Off Daughter's School Lunches and Leave Fans Stunned

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Cardi B Kulture's Eating Good ... Check Out Her Lunches!!!

5/24/2023 7:32 AM PT

Cardi B and kid kulture 3

As if having 2 superstar parents wasn't capable to make Cardi B's kiddo nan envy of her class, cheque retired nan lunches she's packing for schoolhouse ... judge to make her classmates -- and Cardi's fans -- ace jealous.

Mama Cardi seemingly turned her Twitter page into a homemade schoolhouse luncheon nutrient blog Tuesday, showing disconnected what her daughter, Kulture, brings successful connected a normal day.

In nan tweet, Cardi wrote, "Kulture schoolhouse luncheon beryllium everything 🍎," while sharing pics of nan haul. The 4-year-old had mac & cheese, chickenhearted nuggets, a broadside of fruit, cereal, flavored beverage and different treats packed -- truthful yeah, fundamentally a gourmet repast for kid standards.

One of Cardi's fans responded, "She beryllium connected that chair passed tf retired during recess omg" ... different said, "I cognize lil woman beryllium hosting a supper astatine nan luncheon table".

One personification asked, "If this is schoolhouse lunch, what does her meal and supper look like?..." and Cardi past showed disconnected a pic of her daughter's breakfast, followed by a sheet pic of 1 of Kulture's dinners ... which seemed to see each nan awesome nutrient groups.

Twitter / @iamcardib

The past clip we saw Kulture, she was strolling nan reddish carpet for "The Little Mermaid" premiere pinch her dad, Offset, and sister Kalea Marie ... nan 2 girls looked ace cute successful beautiful princess dresses.

Cardi B and Offset -- Family Photos

Clearly, nan princess manner doesn't conscionable extremity pinch a gown ... but a repast too!!!

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