Celtics a step closer to pulling off the impossible: Best memes and tweets

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Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics (Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports)

NBA Twitter reacts to nan Boston Celtics’ awesome Game 4 triumph complete nan Miami Heat to debar elimination. 

The Boston Celtics entered Tuesday night’s Game 4 successful Miami down 0-3. No squad has flooded specified a shortage successful NBA history, and talk of Boston’s weak-mindedness was prevalent successful nan nationalist media.

After nan Celtics appeared to laic down and dice successful Game 3 pinch a 128-102 loss, Boston deserves in installments for this response. It mightiness beryllium excessively little, excessively late, but nan bid now shifts backmost to Bean Town for Game 5. No squad has ever travel backmost from an 0-3 deficit, but this is really it would commencement successful mentation — 1 triumph astatine a time.

NBA Twitter had a section time per usual, reacting to Boston’s resilience and Miami’s inability to beforehand to Jimmy Butler’s 2nd NBA Finals.

Best memes and tweets from Celtics’ Game 4 triumph complete nan Miami Heat

Listen, Boston is going to beryllium a deserving immense favourite successful Games 5 and 7.

Plus a coin flip roadworthy Game 6. That’s nan one.

This point is live. ☘️

— Brandon Anderson (@wheatonbrando) May 24, 2023

1) Heat triumph nan bid and Celtics fans can’t opportunity overmuch astir our bid vs nan Heat

2) Celtics someway comeback down 3-0 and person a amended chance astatine beating nan Nuggets truthful Jokic > Giannis all-time statement is vanished earlier it starts

I can’t lose. pic.twitter.com/nJ4igF3mux

— GiannisMuse 🦌 (@GiannisMuse) May 24, 2023

History still favors Miami successful this series… but nan Celtics are nan 2-seed, nan reigning Eastern Conference champs, and arguably nan astir talented top-to-bottom squad successful nan NBA. The Heat are nan 8-seed. If ever location were a clip to see nan possibility of an 0-3 comeback, this mightiness beryllium it.

On nan different hand, nan Heat still employment Jimmy Butler. He scored 29 points successful nan nonaccomplishment but only changeable 42.9 percent from nan field. Miami’s domiciled players person been ascendant each series, but Gabe Vincent turned his ankle successful nan 4th fourth and Kyle Lowry appeared to aggravate his correct knee successful nan first half. The bumps and bruises are accruing for nan Heat.

Butler has amended nights to come. He regularly embarrassed nan Celtics successful Games 1-3 and he is tin of ascendant clutch, close-out performances. Boston, however, will beryllium connected nan ropes nan remainder of nan way. The Celtics person played poorly arsenic frontrunners this postseason, but they answered nan telephone erstwhile Philly took a 3-2 lead successful nan convention semis and won 2 straight. Now, again connected nan brink of elimination, nan Celtics answered nan call.

We could beryllium successful for an breathtaking Game 5 connected Thursday.

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