Charles Schwab Challenge hole-in-one odds (Will someone record an ace at Colonial?)

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May 27, 2022; Fort Worth, Texas, USA; Scottie Scheffler plays his changeable from nan sixth tee during nan 2nd information of nan Charles Schwab Challenge play tournament. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The PGA Tour heads to Colonial Golf Course for this week’s Charles Schwab Challenge and if you haven’t already, you tin cheque retired my champion bets for nan arena successful my betting preview here.

There are besides tons of prop bets that you tin spot for this week’s tournament, including 1 of nan astir electrical bets successful each of golf, nan hole-in-one bet. You tin wager connected whether aliases not a hole-in-one is recorded during nan tournament.

Let’s return a look astatine nan likelihood for a hole-in-one to beryllium recorded this week.

Charles Schwab Challenge hole-in-one odds

Charles Schwab Challenge hole-in-one props

Not only tin you stake connected a hole-in-one to beryllium recorded this week, you tin besides stake connected nan circumstantial information it will occur. It’s evidently a batch much reliable to nail nan nonstop information nan hole-in-one will occur, but if you correctly telephone it you’ll triumph a bully payout.

Remember, it’s important to statement that holes-in-one are a batch little apt to hap successful Round 3 and Round 4. Almost half nan section will beryllium trim aft Round 2, meaning conscionable by sheer number of golfers playing nan Par 3 holes, location will beryllium less opportunities for a hole-in-one to hap aft nan trim arsenic opposed to earlier it.

It’s besides important to statement that nan shortest Par 3 astatine Colonial will play astatine 190 yards, making a hole-in-one moreover much challenging.

For that reason, I’d urge betting nan “no hole-in-one”, but let’s beryllium honest, that stake a batch little exciting.

Game likelihood refresh periodically and are taxable to change.

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