Chas Newby, Former Bassist For The Beatles, Dead At 81

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The Beatles' Former Bassist Chas Newby Dead At 81

5/24/2023 7:20 AM PT

Chas Newby

The erstwhile bassist for The Beatles -- yes location was personification different than Paul McCartney -- has died.

Chas Newby died Tuesday successful London. Most group don't cognize his publication to nan astir celebrated set successful nan world, truthful present it goes.

In nan early '60s, The Beatles started making a sanction for themselves successful Hamburg, Germany, playing The Cavern Club. At nan time, nan group consisted of John Lennon, Paul, Pete Best connected drums and Stuart Sutcliffe connected bass guitar.  Sutcliffe near nan group to attraction connected his creation career, truthful nan set needed a bassist.

Chas Newby

Enter Chas Newby, who played pinch John and Paul's anterior group, The Quarrymen. The guys asked Chas to measurement in, and he obliged. This was a captious clip successful The Beatle's upward trajectory ... they were becoming a point successful Germany, which yet sewage them a signaling contract, and nan remainder is history.

Chas had different interests -- namely, he wanted to be assemblage majoring successful chemistry -- truthful he near nan band, When he graduated, he took a occupation astatine a institution that made windshields for trains and airplanes.

For Beatles aficionados who are wondering why they needed a bass subordinate erstwhile Paul played bass, astatine nan clip Paul played hit guitar and soft and aft immoderate cajoling erstwhile Chas left, he grudgingly played it, and played it brilliantly.

As for Chas, he said he had nary regrets astir leaving nan celebrated group ... "Music was ne'er going to beryllium a surviving for me. I wanted to do chemistry," adding, "People sometimes don't judge maine erstwhile I opportunity I've nary regrets, but I really haven't."

Chas was 81.


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