Chayanne Returns to Tropical Music with ‘Bailando Bachata’: ‘I Love the Genre’

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"One enjoys dancing to it very closely," nan Puerto Rican superstar tells Billboard Español prior to nan Thursday nighttime release.


Chayanne, "Bailando Bachata" Alessandro Martino – Sony Music Latin

First came nan reggaeton-pop “Tú y Yo,” past nan ballad “Te Amo y Punto”. Now, Chayanne returns to tropical euphony pinch “Bailando Bachata,” nan 3rd azygous from his highly-anticipated caller medium which debuts Thursday, May 25 astatine 8:00 p.m. ET via Sony Music Latin.



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See latest videos, charts and news

“I emotion nan genre,” Chayanne told Billboard Español up of nan song’s premiere, noting that he has visited Santo Domingo countless times and that “anywhere successful nan world, erstwhile they play Caribbean euphony for illustration salsa, merengue, bachata, 1 enjoys dancing to it very closely, truthful I americium very excited.”

“How fortunate I americium that I tin spot you erstwhile I aftermath up each day/ And erstwhile I recreation I miss you/ I person your photograph successful my wallet”, originates nan romanticist Spanish-language song, co-written by Chayanne, Yasmil Marrufo, Andy Clay Cruz Felipe and Mario Alberto Cáceres Pacheco. “We are for illustration nan solid and nan wine/ We spell together since nan infinitesimal we saw each other,” says portion of nan chorus.

Just arsenic romanticist is nan euphony video, directed by Katherine Díaz and produced by Guacamaya Films. Set successful nan 1970s, nan clip stars Venezuelan character and exemplary Veronica Schneider. Upon arriving home, she lies down to watch her favourite bid — starring Chayanne, of people — erstwhile she notices that nan creator tin spot her from nan screen.

“When I’m connected TV, beware, because I’m watching you!”, he warns Billboard Español pinch a laugh.

“Bailando Bachata” is not Chayanne’s first foray into Dominican euphony — he “flirted” pinch nan genre almost a decade agone pinch his pop-fusion opus “Bailando Dos Corazonas.” The caller song, he explains, “is thing much faithful, much complete, which makes maine very excited.”

The 3-minute way is portion of his forthcoming eight-song album. When asked if he’ll see immoderate location Mexican music, Chayanne couldn’t incorporate himself and revealed eagerly: “Yes! That too!”

“I started flirting pinch a batch of rhythms without leaving nan backbone of pop,” he said. “But yes, nan Mexican regional, you guessed right. There is besides a opus of that genre and it is beautiful”.

As for nan merchandise of his highly anticipated caller group — his first workplace medium since 2014’s En Todo Estaré, which reached No. 1 connected Billboard‘s Top Latin Albums floor plan — he said that he vanished signaling and hopes to make an announcement very soon. “Right now we are mastering, truthful it’s a matter of mounting a date,” he says.

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