College Football Playoff format 2023, explained

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Here is what you request to cognize astir really nan College Football Playoff will shingle retired for nan 2023 season.

With wholesale changes happening to nan College Football Playoff, let’s effort to get our heads astir nan formatting for conscionable a bit.

In 2024, assemblage football’s postseason format will alteration drastically. For nan amended aliases worse, that remains to beryllium seen. It will see 12 teams, six of whom will beryllium nan highest-ranked convention champions, arsenic good arsenic six different teams getting successful arsenic at-large bids.

The New Year’s Six bowls will still beryllium a portion of it, but successful a somewhat different manner. All nan while, we will astir apt extremity up pinch nan aforesaid result, which is astir 2 aliases 3 teams who tin realistically triumph it all. The only quality is much seats will beryllium allowed astatine nan postseason table.

But earlier we get to 2024, let’s fig retired what each is going down successful 2023. Are location immoderate large changes we request to beryllium fresh for this season?

College Football Playoff: What is nan postseason format for nan 2023 season?

For nan 10th twelvemonth successful a row, nan College Football Playoff will beryllium successful its four-team format. This is nan last twelvemonth of nan postseason playing retired for illustration this. It will still beryllium nan 4 highest-ranked teams deemed by nan College Football Playoff Selection Committee connected Selection Sunday aft Championship Saturday.

Usually, we extremity up pinch 3 aliases 4 Power Five champions, but past twelvemonth we sewage TCU and Ohio State into nan mix, contempt nan Horned Frogs and nan Buckeyes not winning their conferences. The large cardinal present it is nan champion 4 teams who will beryllium getting in.

Once nan Selection Committee figures retired who nan 4 champion teams are, No. 1 will look No. 4 and No. 2 will return connected No. 3 astatine predetermined neutral-site locations. The No. 1 seed will get to take what venue it wants to play at. For nan 2023 assemblage season, nan 2 nationalist semifinals are nan Rose and Sugar Bowls. Hypothetically, Georgia would spell to New Orleans, while USC stays home.

The victor of nan 2 nationalist semifinal games will meet astatine different predetermined neutral-site location. For nan 2023 nationalist championship, nan Rose Bowl victor will return connected nan Sugar Bowl victor astatine NRG Stadium successful Houston, Texas. Although NRG Stadium is not portion of nan NY6, we cognize that Houston will do a awesome occupation hosting nan nationalist title because it is an arena city.

After a champion is crowned successful Houston, we will past move our attraction toward playoff description .

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