Company Behind 21 Billion Robocalls Is Being Sued by Nearly Every State

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The 141-page archive alleges Avid Telecom transmitted 21 cardinal calls to U.S. telephone numbers since 2019.

The 141-page archive alleges Avid Telecom transmitted 21 cardinal calls to U.S. telephone numbers since 2019.Image: r.classen (Shutterstock)

Robocalls are a nuisance to everyone pinch a compartment phone, and nan nationalist Do Not Call Registry is apparently nary help. Justice whitethorn beryllium served, however, arsenic 49 attorneys wide person revenge a suit against a institution they impeach of making much than 7.5 cardinal robocalls to group connected nan Do Not Call Registry.

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Attorneys wide from Washington D.C. and 48 states revenge nan lawsuit connected Tuesday. Alaska and South Dakota were not included successful nan complaint. The suit is waged Michael Lansky and Stacy Reeves, who are nan CEO and Vice President of Operation and Sales of nan Arizona-based Avid Telecomm. The 141-page archive alleges that of nan 21 cardinal calls Avid Telecomm transmitted to U.S. telephone numbers since 2019—7.5 cardinal of them were to numbers connected nan national Do Not Call Registry, which is an FTC database that precludes telemarketers from calling you.

“Robocall scams are not conscionable an annoyance, they are forbidden — and they are utilized to return advantage of our astir susceptible populations,” Attorney General of Pennsylvania Michelle Henry said successful a press release. “Pennsylvanians person made it clear that robocalls are not invited here, and I americium proud to guidelines pinch my workfellow Attorneys General to denote this important action successful nan conflict against forbidden robocalls.”

The suit further alleges that since 2019, Avid Telecomm sent 1 cardinal calls to various numbers successful nan represented states and districts that were unlawful. The plaintiffs reason successful nan title that nan calls “included Social Security Administration scams, Medicare scams, car warranty scams, Amazon scams, DirecTV scams, and in installments paper liking complaint simplification scams.” The title besides claims that Avid Telecomm illegally spoofed authorities agency caller IDs—including agencies for illustration Homeland Security, nan FBI, and nan U.S. Postal Service—in 8.4 cardinal calls since 2019.

“Contrary to nan allegations successful nan complaint, Avid Telecom operates successful a mode that is compliant pinch each applicable authorities and national laws and regulations,” Neil Ende, Avid Telecomm’s extracurricular ineligible counsel, said to nan Associated Press.

This caller suit is different effort astatine a authorities crackdown connected unsolicited calls that are annoying Americans everywhere. New Jersey tackled telemarketers pinch a precocious passed rule called nan “Seinfeld Bill.” The rule requires that telemarketers disclose nan sanction and telephone number of nan institution they represent, arsenic good arsenic nan intent of nan call, wrong nan first 30 seconds of connecting pinch a customer. Companies pinch telemarketers will besides person to intelligibly station a mailing reside connected their website.

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