Cops Do Welfare Check on Ja Morant After Concerning Social Media Posts

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Ja Morant Cops Do Welfare Check After Concerning Posts ... Claims He's Taking Social Media Break

5/24/2023 9:32 AM PT

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Police show TMZ Sports officers did a use cheque connected Ja Morant following his cryptic societal media posts on Wednesday ... and, thankfully, they discovered he is not successful immoderate danger.

A spokesperson for nan Shelby County Sheriff's Office said cops went to nan NBA star's location successful Tennessee soon aft Morant shared nan concerning messages connected his Instagram page ... and they opportunity he told them simply "that he is taking a break from societal media."

"He is fine," nan spokesperson added.

Ja Morant’s Instagram story:

“Love ya ma 💙”
“Love ya pops 💙”
“You da top babe woman 💙 emotion ya”

Stay strong, Ja 🙏

— NBA Buzz (@OfficialNBABuzz) May 24, 2023 @OfficialNBABuzz

In Morant's posts, he shared pictures of him pinch his mom, dad, and girl ... earlier penning a caption that said thing much than "bye." The posts were deleted a short clip later.

Ja Morant Posts Cryptic Message Amid Gun Video Backlash, 'Bye'


Ja Morant Posts Cryptic Message Amid Gun Video Backlash, 'Bye'

Of course, fixed nan turmoil that's surrounded him since he was seen brandishing a weapon connected video for nan 2nd clip successful little than 3 months ... his fans expressed large interest for nan 23-year-old hoops player.

Fortunately, though, seems everything is OK.


Instagram / @_dtap2

Morant has said very small publically since nan 2nd weapon video was posted ... releasing conscionable 1 connection that read, successful part, "My words whitethorn not mean overmuch correct now, but I return afloat accountability for my actions. I’m committed to continuing to activity connected myself."

An NBA investigation into nan clip remains ongoing.

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