Could ‘The Color Purple’ Movie Musical Score Fantasia an Oscar Nomination?

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Fantasia has played Celie successful The Color Purple earlier — taking complete from Tony victor LaChanze connected Broadway successful 2007 and besides touring pinch nan accumulation — but now nan full world will get to spot her successful nan domiciled erstwhile a caller adjustment of nan philharmonic hits theaters connected Christmas Day.

On Monday, nan first trailer for nan movie debuted, showcasing Fantasia singing nan Act II showstopper “I’m Here.” The movie besides features immoderate different Billboard favorites among nan cast, including Halle Bailey, H.E.R., Taraji P. Henson and Ciara.

On nan caller Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, we’re wondering: After a Tony information eluded Fantasia (replacement actors aren’t considered for nan Broadway awards), could nan American Idol play 3 champ people her first Oscar information pinch nan role?

Listen below:

Also connected nan show, we’ve sewage floor plan news connected really Morgan Wallen’s One Thing astatine a Time medium now has nan astir consecutive weeks astatine No. 1 connected nan Billboard 200 floor plan since nan Titanic soundtrack successful 1998. Plus, Luke Combs takes his religious screen of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” to nan apical 10 connected nan Billboard Hot 100 — nan first screen of an ‘80s opus to deed nan apical 10 since 2010. Listen to nan podcast to find retired which song!

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