Critical Role Gets Its Legend of Zelda On in Upcoming One-Shot

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The main formed of Critical Role.

Image: Critical Role

In betwixt doing their main run and nan occasional new thing, nan Critical Role crew has done TTRPG one-shots themed astir circumstantial video games. Usually timed to travel retired astir a title’s motorboat window, past one-shots person included nan likes of Elden Ring, Elder Scrolls Online, and Doom Eternal.

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In a fewer weeks, nan adjacent crippled to subordinate that database will beryllium Nintendo’s precocious released Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom. On Friday, nan unit revealed they’d collaborated pinch nan developer to tally a one-shot group successful nan world of Hyrule. So if you’re worried astir imaginable crippled spoilers successful this, it doesn’t sound for illustration you request to be. When asked connected Twitter, nan Critical Role team confirmed location would beryllium thing spoiled, and that nan one-shot’s “story and characters are of our ain creation. Everything is simply inspired by elements of The Legend of Zelda.”

Running nan crippled will beryllium nan show’s superior DM, Matt Mercer, who besides voices Ganondorf successful Tears. (You whitethorn besides cognize him arsenic Hot Ganondorf.) The players dwell of Critical Role co-creators Liam O’Brien and Marisha Ray, on pinch caller transplants Emily Axford (Dimension 20) and Robbie Daymond (Exandria Unlimited/Campaign 3), positive newcomer Omar Najam (Dimension 20). On Twitter, Daymond described nan one-shot arsenic a “glorious fever’s afloat unhinged,” while Mercer called it “delightful to play officially successful Hyrule having grown up wanting to BE successful Hyrule.” With really large Critical Role is connected its ain and really Tears has fundamentally go astir people’s Game of nan Year, nan synergy makes consciousness and whitethorn perchance bring immoderate Zelda fans into nan TTRPG fold erstwhile each is said and done.

Critical Role will premiere its Legend of Zelda one-shot connected Thursday, May 30 @ 7 PM PT (so 9 aliases 10 PM, depending connected if you’re Midwest aliases eastbound coast) via its Twitch and YouTube channels.

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